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I think it's a true <hes> a true. What's what i'm looking for a true tribute to oh well well tomorrow tomorrow saga. It's marvel saga and i like that <hes> i'm loving this. What did you think though i mean it. Yet is good which i figured it would be because mark wade's wades a big comic book historian especially. I mean i think is number. One is like captain america so course all that william burnside jackman res- stop is gonna be in there and yeah yeah yeah. I mean it's it's just great and really like i said i mean it's although again it's holding me history of the universe. Well not much happened for the first a few billion years then this one little planet in the last two hundred years. That's when the universe took the first first issue was born in a burial then this by by the time we get to this issue yet now everything happens on earth scrolls doing anything no not really i mean they might invade earth man. That's going to be big news next week. Well they might kill us. The crease grow warheads and stuff yeah so yeah walk back to the cardinals. They understand mud bowl three. That's what's the planet that everyone loves mud bowl three. Okay oh oh but yeah. I love that and i and i know that because it's a marvel it's the history of marveling were. I doubt little got it. I doubt if something down when we talk here yeah but i mean what will how would you feel with like. Can they ever said that like what if they brought it in the continuity that like the cosmic rays keep the fantastic four young especially ben like what if like you know when he's the thank like stops his eating process so he'll he'll ageism gary what actual that actually is cannon that he actually only wednesday wednesday when you're now he only ages one day every year so he actually wine and actually it has been well established that yes if you get exposed to radiation or super so disengage slower so that is a well established concept within the storyline and of course if you fall off panel has been we'll tell oh you you may age one hundred years or not age day are on although and according to shijo continuity when they separating about you then you actually start to age the normal rate and that's why the blonde phantom came back as lady slow tonight or not euthanized us. This is got turned the young again but then she wanted to put it on a lot of weight because she you know wasn't super hearing anymore. Always ate a lot of gandhi but you know i just never but birchenough because i was super hearing all the time now. I'm young and the buzzer cases. She hampstead thinks she hopes that is married to her and and speaking of she'll pick pick d. Twenty-three news people we finally got she hoped back..

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