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Doing? Nick Gilio here on seven twenty WGN. We're live in the AllState skyline studio here, eighteen stories about beautiful downtown Chicago here until five and Steve Grzanich has your opening bell at five. And then the great Steve Cochran at six for your morning drive on this Wednesday morning. Wildcard wednesday. Who requested that Glenn with two ends want here? The little Harry Nilsson, right? There you go. Welcome back everybody. Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number for talking text. Yeah. So we're talking about zombie comedies. Considering that the dead, don't die was just released this past weekend. And there've been so many fun zombie comedies that were just talking about some of them. Now, here's brain dead. Seven years later, New Zealand upstart, Peter Jackson ever heard of them directed. His third feature brain dead or dead alive in northern North America. Slapstick zombie movie. That's essentially, what would happen if Buster Keaton was horribly maimed after every stunt teaming with future Lord of the rings. Guru Richard Taylor. Jackson. Dallas is the screen with actors in blood guts, and viscera to the point of absurdity the joy in the film comes from just how creative the carnage can be. There's a reason that one scene. Most people have probably ever heard of involves a foyer, filled with zombies zombies, and dude wielding lawnmower as a weapon, the genius of brain dead is how long sequence goes on. And how many insane kills are built into it. Yeah. I saw that movie the first time I saw that movie. Was that alive? As was the title music box theatre at midnight. I couldn't believe what I was saying. I just was like, what the hell is this? I just can't believe that he went on to direct the Lord of the rings which is kind of like a more very prestigious. Well, his first three movies are nuts. Yeah. They're completely insane and meet the feebles. My god. Isn't that a fragile rock? Well, yeah, but it's like it's like kind of an X-rated rated puppet insane. Jeez. Insane. Were you ever fan of the Frighteners? Yeah, I didn't even know it existed. No recently, I love that movie. Now, of course, we have shown the dead, which is I mean, this is the this is the quintessential zombie comedy of all time that not only. Not only works as a comedy. But it's a great zombie movie. I mean it's really funny, and it's also a great zombie movie. And it was it was clear from the from the from the get-go that. Simon. Pegg a-, right. Adore those the John Rowe and paid fantastic respect to it, and loaded it with egg Easter eggs. I mean, the Italian restaurants that they were going to go to his full cheese. Yeah. I mean I mean every scene, we're coming to get you Barbara. Yeah. It's loaded. And I still one of my favorite moments. Ever in a movie is when Sean is walking to the to the to the shop to get the Coronado and, and the, and the and the and the pop and oblivious to the that are kind of walking down the street and the and the mayhem that has occurred and the blood and when he goes to the cooler, and there's a handprint of blood on the cooler and he goes in there to get to, to get the pop out little slip, just the little slit because he slips and blood and just every time I see it. It's one of my favorite moments in the entire movie. So then tell you about the first time I saw no no Sean of that was back in that was four when he came when it came out. Yeah. So my buddy Manny, who is a huge maniac horror fan. So we knew it was coming out. So I had like a preview pass to see it at a screening. So we go the first guy that I think of we saw at the Webster so we go we go we, we don't have a couple of beers beforehand across the street that bar on the corner across the street from the Webster place. And then we go across, and so the movie starts fantastic. I'm already loving it already. And then. The scene where they're, they're going to check on to see if. Shawn's roommate heat Pete, whether or not whether he's okay. So there's that the build up to that, and then they're looking to the car to see if they can get to the car. So that's all happening and then real change, and it skipped real four went to real five. And they were in the backyard pretending to be zombies. And I was like. And so I was like this isn't right. So I got up and I went out to to get somebody from the lobby. Now, it's like dude, I think you you're reels are mixed up. Yeah. Because this thing, just jumped and he's really like, yeah. So he was still in there watching it. I didn't want to see it. You know what I mean? I stepped outside. And so finally, they turn the projector off and indeed. They had screwed up the real the, the, the, the reels. And so they said it would take two hours to two. This was still when they had filmed, this wasn't right? Yeah. So it would take like an hour, hour and a half in order for them to fix it to put it in the right order. And so they gave us passes. So then the second time I went to a screening to see it Manny again, with me we get to that moment where they're checking on the on the roommate, and I'm like, we better this better be okay. Man. I'm telling you it happens again. And then it was fine. But the first time I saw it. I you know, we, we only saw third of it. Wow. That's I mean, that's it's weird to think that as late as two thousand four that was still a problem that could have because a lot of the theaters didn't switch over digitally until couple years after that. Yeah. I figured. I know it's probably because of my age. I just figured it happened so much earlier. Well, same thing happened. When I went to go see told you the story right about twenty four hour party people, where they played out of or to put it out of order and years later, I'm sitting in, I'm sitting in the green mill after hours and the, the woman who was the manager of the night, I saw the movie and the weird thing was, nobody complained I was the only person that I was the only person that came out and said, I think the real because it's a very unusual movie. I mean, in terms of the story, the narratives, very fractured and very believable that, that would be the way told. But nobody that movie would play in there for three weeks. And not one person besides me came up and said, I think the reels are out of order, and they were all my God. Yeah. So Shaun of the dead, the early odds were a boom time for funny and not before them zombies largely relegated to the horror section of video stores. The Romero movies are considered classics, but in terms of modern zombies culturally, all we had were the resident evil games poised to become their own strange, strangely successful, film franchise, then two thousand two brought us director Danny Boyle and writer. Alex Garland's twenty eight days later, the fast, they're not zombies. They're not zombies. They're infected there, people who are infected zombies die and come back to life. That's the actual definition of zombie in twenty eight days later, they're not zombies. I just wanna make sure that everybody knows that. The fast zombie movie arguably, kick started the new wave of zombie popularity and Edgar Reitz, Shaun of the dead, only help the virus spread boasting a loving endorsement from Peter Jackson, hot off the Lord of the rings Sean combined heart humor and a love of the and became a sizeable indie hit that grew and grew in popularity. Once it was video, it's at this juncture, that the, the releases of twenty eight days later, Shaun of the dead is really good onto the dead remake which by the way. I was so negative on that before that before that movie came out. I was like, how dare you, how dare you. And I really liked the remake. It's not nearly as good as Romero's movie, but it's really good. It distinguishes itself. Yeah. And, and I'm also not a fan of fast. But I like that movie. I really liked the remake of the debt and it was that was, you know. I remember during we had used to have my buddies over every Monday night to watch to watch raw. We'd watch wrestling and. USA network showed the first five minutes of the movie, the whole first five minutes of the movie, and I was like, whoa. The little opening opening is unbelievable in all the mayhem in the streets is Sarah Polly's driving around. It was just. Both halves of the John lurching towards critical mass some of the effects were immediate two thousand six Canadian comedy. Fido, which I loved starring. Billy Connolly, basically, adapted to concept from Sean zombies, as pets to feature length. It's beyond this point, especially with the premiere of the Walking Dead in, in two thousand ten. So. I remember loving. The first couple of seasons of Walking Dead. I mean that, that pilot was because I was say was Halloween. It was it was twenty ten. Yeah. It was like Tober two thousand ten. Yeah. Yeah. I thought it was great. And then it just kind of if I've talked about this before by the time, the, you know, the, the whole season with the governor, that was when I was doesn't work. So all right. More comedies here on seven twenty WGN. But right now we got to take.

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