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Back on. I on the enemy as we take a look at the The eagles of four opponents that they'll face in weeks five through eight in the previous segment. Of course as you just heard we talked about the carolina panthers and the tampa bay buccaneers. We'll talk about the. Las vegas raiders. Next eagles going out to vegas this year. And i assume a lot of you listening are going to be making the trip out to vegas for this one. Las vegas went eight and eight last season. Second in the afc west and people forget that. The raiders were actually having a pretty good season last year. They were seven and three through ten games but then a one five record down the stretch. Torpedo john gruden's for season in las vegas some key editions and re signings for the raiders wide receiver. John brown running back kenyan drake edge. Rusher janaka defensive tackle quinton jefferson guard richie incognito center nick martin defensive lineman solomon thomas defensive lineman johnathan hankins and wide receiver. Willie snead key draft editions offensive. Linemen alex leatherwood and safety trayvon more key. Departures for the raiders offensive. Tackle trent brown center rodney hudson offensive. Linemen gabe jackson three. Pretty good linemen are gone. Wide receiver nelson agholor will not be back wide receiver. Tiro williams will not be back defensive. Back lamarcus joyner. Edge rusher tankers mckinley and safety. Eric harris will all not be back with the raiders. Here in twenty twenty one and one of the keys to the raiders. Hot start was the play of that offensive line and yet and yet they seem to take a step back in area this offseason after after moving on from brown and hudson jackson and replacing them with martin and their first round draft pick leatherwood the leatherwood pick got universally panned by draft experts. Here's a guy who didn't think. Mike wouldn't go until far into the second round. I'm there are some. That didn't even think he was a round pick so clearly a reach. and listen. if there's a guy you're like in the first round that's fine maybe you're boards a little bit different but trade down man get out of the first round pick up a couple of extra picks for yourself. Don't just sit there with your. You know with your head in the sand and and and pick a guy that you could have gotten around or two later. That's just dumb. it's just stupid. And that's one of the reasons. Why the raiders. The raiders off season has been panned so much and it seems like they've gotten worse on the offensive line. That's not a place where you wanna go backwards gakuen. Thomas are both outstanding defensive lineman so that will be a strength for las vegas this year but i am. Espn's bill barnwell. He does a a recap or a dozen analysis of every team's offseason every year and he said that the raiders had the worst off season of any team in the nfl. This season. and i've been looking at a ton of these different things as i prepare for these shows and virtually every outlet. That is not a raiders. Fan outlet would agree with the assessment. That the raiders have had a pretty awful offseason. It's not just you know it's not just the leatherwood pick they. They reached later in the in. The draft to draft. Experts felt that they reached in in rounds three rounds four in rounds five. They paid a lot of money for kenyan drake at the running back position even though they already have josh jacobs and jalen richard there. So you're you're just not being smart with your capital and when you look at a football team so you've got all these other things going on. You also just have to look at your core and derek carr a little bit of a 'nigma at quarterback but when you look at the numbers had a very good season last year but again like the rest of the team stumbled down the stretch a little four thousand one hundred three yards a sixty seven point. Three percent completion. Rate twenty seven touchdowns nine interceptions only one zero one point four quarterback rating for david carr so again derek card not david carr derek carr so a good season for derek carr and if he can get a little bit more production out of his out of his wide receiver. Henry ruggs this year. I'm sure that would go a long way. We've been to improving those numbers even more rugs did not have a good rookie season last year. Played just twelve games. Had only four hundred fifty two receiving yards. He's looking to bounce back here in his second season. I mean not the kind of rookie season like like. Jj arteaga whiteside hat or that. Jalen rager had last year but still not a good not a good rookie season for henry. Ruggs the second now one guy. You don't hear a lot about when you're talking about. The oakland raiders in their offense is titan. Darren waller darren waller went to the pro bowl last year as the team's only one thousand yard receiver. He had eleven hundred ninety six yards receiving and eleven touchdowns last year. So there's a guy that eagles linebackers and safeties are going to have to keep an eye on. That could be a big matchup problem when this game when this game happens in in week seven. I don't know who's going to be starting at linebacker for the birds at that point. Who knows will be the who who the safeties will be at that point. But darren waller is going to be a matchup problem for philadelphia nelson. Agholor gone he had eight hundred ninety six yards receiving an eight touchdowns last year for the raiders. We we always knew. I had that great season in two thousand seventeen so it sounds like last year with the raiders. He had a two thousand seventeen season for them. Good for him good for him. I mean he's not there anymore. But good for nelson aguilar to To bounce back and have a decencies out in las vegas. He's been replaced with speedster john brown and we'll see john. Brown can duplicate that kind of production. And if john brown can can produce and henry ruggs can emerge then you could have a pretty decent Las vegas offense but again the offensive line takes a step back. you know. i don't know what you think about jon gruden. I you know jon gruden. He had the team role in last year but collapsed down the stretch. I you know it feels like it feels like grew as a guy who who were. The game has passed him by got to give them more than one season. So we'll see what he does. When he comes back into lincoln financial field he has he been back to philadelphia since since that. Nfc championship game in two thousand three when the tampa bay buccaneers beat the eagles. Without looking it up. I got to say. I don't think. Jon gruden has been back in philadelphia as a coach. He's been back in philadelphia. Obviously as a play by play guy on monday night football. But i think this is going to be the first time jon gruden is back on the sidelines as a head coach since that awful fateful. Nfc championship game where. The eagles lost to the tampa. Bay buccaneers as as the bucks went on to win the super bowl. And jon gruden completely outclassed. Andy reid in that so just a little stone but this is not playing in lincoln financial field. That's right this is going to be out in las vegas. never mind. Forget that forget that whole line of thinking. I'm late as we were recording this all right. Let's take a look at the detroit. Lions here the last team. We're going to take a look at on this episode of eye on the enemy. The lions once again finished in last in the nfc north last year the third season in a row they finished in last place. They went five and eleven key editions. Re signings for the lions. The big move of the off season was trading for quarterback. Jared goff moving on from matthew. Stafford going to talk about that here in just a second. They also picked up running back jamaal williams wide receiver tyrone williams wide receiver. Shot perryman edge. Rusher romeo defensive. Tackle michael brockers and cornerback. Quinton dunbar key draft additions often tackle sewell man. Oh man what a great draft pick. That was defensive. Lineman levi on ricky. I'm sorry man. I just don't know that name defensive. Tackle lee mcneill. And then you look at the key departures from the lions quarterback matthew stafford wide receiver. Kenny golladay wide receiver. Marvin jones junior wide. Receiver jamal agnew tight. Jesse james defensive..

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