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Because while i don't think anybody wants to lose the nam and dole of for a million reasons while i don't think you don't want to lose dion lewis because he's the true feature back and i don't think you want to lose rex burkhead you know if you have james white coming back and you'd sign and other free agent you bring mike gillislee back or your draft another running back i'll misty on lewis i think john lewis is a game breaker i think the numbers proves it out at the end of the year but i also don't think i'm giving him eighteen million dollars over three years which i think used in texans might give him so i think he let dion luis go i don't think you match that offer especially if you gonna keep rex burkhead because there was a large imet running back to sheer to the point where gillislee didn't play a lot and while gillislee is not dion luis he's not the gamebreaker he would be a his style i think fits this offense well again i think they would misty on lewis i think you miss something with a gamebreaker asia running back and not a kevin faulk change white type of guy i love those guys but their game breakers in different ways there are thirddown back there a guy out of the backfield they're not agai you give the ball fifteen to twenty times or twelve to fifteen times and he's going to break you were 23 yard run maybe a forty five yard run that's dion luis go to score on a kickoff return that's dion lewis you're gonna miss that because there are only so many game breakers on your offense and he was one of them but i think they can replace him especially if they keep burkhead and they keep and james white is here and mike gillislee coming back in your draft a young running back as far as dem and dole while i would hate to see an event dole ago i think he's part of the fabric of this team you know you've got depth at wide receiver yes julian almond mr an entire year but he's coming back yeah malcolm mitchell mr an entire year but you've got to believe he's coming back you've got kenny bread coming back you've got brandin cooks coming back you've.

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