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But it was an open ended thing it's going to the time when are you free. Don't know senator sure we'll figure it out and then you never responded with again how long how how good the lunch last I mean now forty five minutes whatever. An hour and forty five forty five minutes to an hour who ended it did. was she like all right. Mike I gotta go. I went back to work. Yeah who went back to work. Aj Oh and fashion or something. Does she give you a writer hours right around the corner now place in my neighborhood. There's there's nothing more here. There's something there's something he's leaving out this secretly date. Oh it's not that sort of mentor. Like hey hanging there. I've been their kid like his friends. I'm GONNA say this. Aj maybe a future partner for Gerry. Callahan sure yeah. Okay Jared WanNa do. I mean whether we're giving too much credit here. No I mean maybe the Under Secretary of state that's which is a five positions a figurehead position. Let's be real well. What if Maverick province dies? The Secretary of State doesn't really do anything bureaucracy. RANCID good point. Do you find the WHO actually own the restaurant your ad or no. Oh I did not know what's important coverage on Red Robin or now it takes me chain. Where'd you go Miller's Ale house tie by down the street kind of sort of the Moss right next to my house one by the mall there? Yeah kind of walk there. I Uber's there walked back perilous intersection for you to cross the kiss. Goodbye or Huckabee fire. You see a kid. He's looking at. You confused my wrong because people know this. There's something here. There's something that you keep digging. It's just you'd never mentioned that that's all that's back. Yeah that I guess I never knew it was wrong and he was particularly. Let me ask you. Are you ashamed that you took this launch not remotely. We have lots of their again. What was now yes she said? Can we get lunch again. You'd say no sure I said I said Hey. Let's do it again some time. What was the? You must've talked about the show. It's there's no way you didn't yeah. I'm sure we did whatever was happening that day. We what is going on here. Steve Understand this yeah. I don't know if I understand the totality titillated by this world or something or what. I'd like to check his browser history. I'll say that uh-huh I'm confused you need express VPN panel. I'm confused. I don't know nothing to be confused about. There was a lunch was had by two two chums. That's fine line. I get the problem with that. You both for you tell Alba about it. I certainly did. What does she episode? I said it's very nice. Sixty six year hiding something. I don't I just I don't no I don't I don't know what the gentleman I hope the play is here I like. Aj is coming apple. Long winded. The lunch happen. Friday happen Friday and he walked right into the world here. She is closed that she broke up with with her boyfriend. Who stuck with her through the transition? And you're now just bringing it up. She told me that like a week ago. I assume she mentioned it on twitter. Something told you week to these. What Wednesday in two weeks ago that she broke up with her? How often are you talking this person every few days few texts as my number she does talk on the phone and stuff? Oh Yeah do you really. Oh Yeah could pass. Does he seem like he's being defensive. Tea or no. He's hiding some. Yes something anything understand. Piazza merit fill all right Kirkman hand and why Mike Sucks now dot com use code. Sucks folks for twenty percent off also pick up some limited edition. I could've made a joke right there with PM sucks. I will not also pick up some limited edition. Game.

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