Jordan, Jared Leto, Twenty One Year discussed on The Howard Stern Show


The the howard stern show what about jared leto see too weird hang out with i see him at things every so often nice to see him but it's not like it's not not like like we're we're buddies i have great affection for him do you yeah yeah he's too wild i think i guess he brought he brought me to my first club when i was i was fourteen i was you know is that appropriate no he was he was very fraternal with me he was very protective of me much older was he then you much a really well i don't know at the time he seemed ancient you're thirteen fourteen fourteen was twenty one or something that is ain't onto yeah right you're yeah yeah and he was your first makeup which is really kind of weird there were there were these stage directions in that scene where it said angela kisses jordan's face what what what is that about like why would she kiss his face and it was yeah so i had that question on set and he had to kind of explain each me issue it's ridiculous as you never kissed a boy before maybe once or twice or something i wasn't getting into the subtleties of making out i wasn't like venturing into other territories of the face beyond the kid was so good looking jared leto was shocking shockingly good listening like better looking than women oh yeah and alarming he must have been going through a weird thing in his life at that point because he was such a throb and he's in his twenties i think it must be strange to be that beautiful actually i think it after certain point it can be it can be dangerous or an impediment i you know i do i think it's probably an it's so weird to for a fourteen year old to be making out with a twenty one year old even though it's on camera and all that other stuff.

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