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During that time, we could be looking at 5 to 8 inches of stone. This is especially going to be true. In the eastern and central and southern parts of the state. Clear Cold Tonight. Upper twenties Sunny, breezy high in the mid 40 Saturday. Still arriving late Saturday night, but the balance of it falling during the day Sunday and again, it could be heavy at times with several inches of accumulation. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau. Right now. Neptune. It's 40 Pompton Plains, 34 Hamilton 39 fast rev against that weather every 15 minutes on New Jersey one on 1.5. Jersey, one on 1.5, our own radio station in New York, not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey, now back to more of Big Joe Henry's House party, Jay Z. So long, Tommy. Junior little track him down. Look, it's too so. Today. Separates my God. We've got We got it all over again. That one. Oh, yeah, well, well. 60. What Grab the baby. Way down. What? Negative. I'm not waiting. Woman. What you got on Back with that guy. Oh, man. Thank you, man. That's more like it. You want one boy? No judgment Time time. 8 18.

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