President Trump, Bio Intech, Pfizer Moderna discussed on America Off The Rails


Bio intech announced wednesday that after the completion of the phase. Three trial of their coronavirus vaccine. It was found to be ninety. Five percent effective without serious safety concerns observed visor says they will ask the food and drug administration for an emergency use approval at the end of the week health and human services secretary. Alex as our says the pfizer moderna vaccine should be ready to go by the end of the year by the end of december. We expect to have about forty million doses of these two vaccines available for distribution. That's good news coming on a grim day in the pandemic as the country passes two hundred and fifty thousand confirmed deaths from cova. There was an average of one thousand one hundred sixty seven deaths from the disease per day last week. Another seventy seven thousand. Americans remain hospitalized with the disease. This is usa radio news. The legal team for president. Trump's campaign is continuing legal challenges this week contesting issues with the presidential election in several states while the outcome of these cases is still pending. Many republicans have been calling for investigations into a number of accusations of voting irregularities and fraud senator. Mike bronze says it's in the nation's best interest to look into those claims. The indiana republican told reporters on wednesday that it's important to go through all of the process. You know in terms of the evidence. I think it's going to be important. We take the time to make sure if it's out there we find. It goes back to what i said earlier and less. That's done thoroughly. And i think there are signs of it whether it's going to be enough to make any difference in the outcome. That's what the process is about. I think the president has the right to pursue it to the fullest extent..

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