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Okay yes yes welcome back. Welcome back to the show. Everybody huffily everyone was able to enjoy that weekend of football. We just had happy tuesday. Everybody or whenever you listening to this podcast okay. We talked about college football and how called for week. Zero is all about making money culture balls and all about making money but what sports college sports in general is all about making money and you know we had some good games going on illinois. I nebraska puts the only game of that last week. But i'm tired of cupcake games. I'm tired of preseason games and we just ended week. Three am tired of fake football. Now we get some real football like batiste before the break. Today tuesday august thirty first were saying goodbye to august and that means were saying goodbye to a lot of. Nfl talent on the field. It's cut day tuesday and it's gonna be hard because over the next couple of days. Teams are going to have to make a difficult decision and you know what injuries are also going to be playing playing apart and this process because injuries always stripe during preseason football innocent thing. So we're gonna get to cut gay and injuries and there's going to be a lot of news coming within the next couple of days hours when it comes to. Nfl football so get ready. Get locked and loaded. You're gonna be it's gonna be a wide ride. It's gonna be intense and there's gonna be people on your team you know. We cut him why. There's going to be a lot of fans and a lot of fan bases shook about the moves and are going to be made. But that's just the thing that's just the crazy where i'd we call the nfl so we'll get into that and a lot more coming up now all right like i mentioned before over the next two days it's gonna be rough with all the highs of football starting football being back in our lives. There's gonna be some lows and it's already started and it's going to be continuing on throughout these next couple of days because over the next two days teams will have to trim their rosters down to fifty three players. We're going from eighty to fifty three now. No mathematician but that's over eight hundred players eight hundred players eight hundred eight. Zero zero will be told that they're going to be released that their dreams of playing football for that said franchise will be no more for now. Now some we'll be back on the practice squad so we'll be back but for the rest. It's a tough reality. Their dreams to make the nfl will take a massive hit. Now it's gonna be a tough next couple of days for a lot of players and a lot of family of those players so when we're looking at all these rosters and were talking about the breaking news of oh bershad perryman just got released or a defensive lineman just got released or a first round pick taco charleston. Just got released now. It's couple of weeks ago but still when we're going into the days twitter peak hours and the twitter season of oh breaking. Nfl news some some roster just got released and someone didn't make the fifty three and we thought would make it just realize that at the end the day these players they're people too because most people don't realize most people don't realize the fact that these players these guys are trying their hardest are trying their best to make this roster to make one of the fifty three and yeah you're going to be some lots. There's gonna be some locks on there but there's going to be guys who are bouncing around there's going to be guys on the bubble and before we go on twitter and said oh what a horrible move or great that guys off my squad. I hate that guy. Just think before you tweet. That's all i have to say if you have. If you take away anything from this podcast. Anything from any podcast. You listen to here. It is think before you tweet. Just think because you never know how many guys see those tweets of oh finally for example ritchie james. Judy he's outta here great. I'm so glad he's outta here or bouchard pairing him. I'm so glad off my squad. Think before you tweet because we we really need to realize that these are people to and some people are gonna lose their jobs. It's it's tough. It's tough business. It's a cruel world but it's a part of the business unit. Want somebody tweeting at you and tweeting about how you lost your job. You know no. If you lost your job i know a lotta. People lost their job over the past. Couple of what ten to twelve months with this whole kobe in this whole pandemic situation and the corona virus taking a lot of jobs homes family members. It's been a difficult time. And i understand it. I feel for you but let's feel for these people. Let's not talk about. Oh the roster cutdown. Let's talk about the people who are losing their opportunity to play. Let's talk about the wide receiver on the bubble. Who's not getting the chance to live out his dream and getting cut. Let's talk about those people and let's put it into real life terms. Let's not talk about. Oh the ravens setting their wide receiver core up or the bills. Finalizing the roster. Let's talk about. let's be genuine. Let's have empathy. Let's show some empathy for those guys who are losing their chance to play football to live out their dreams and play in the nfl. Because most of these guys most of these guys who are cut who never get a chance again. Most of these guys who are cut who will be on the bubble and who be one of those last of the fifty four to get cut will never have a chance to play and live out their dreams of playing in the nfl. Some of those guys might retire. Some the guys who've been in the league for a longtime they might say you know what we're going to wrap it up and we're going to give it all and if i don't get but don't get a roster spot i'm gonna call it quits but hubba career but just before we start tweeting out. Oh yeah this is the fifty three man roster some got cut or here the roster cuts throughout the next couple of days. Just think about the players and think about the human beans think about the name on the back of the jersey not the name on the front because it is a difficult time right now for all these players around the league like i said before eight hundred eight hundred players will be told within the.

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