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Women were allowed to compete. And it seems like, um by by allowing boys to compete in girls sports that we may be forcing young girls like my daughter to withdraw from participation in sports and force them back into more. Traditional Gender roles and and activities that are often so derided by the left. Yeah, yeah, that's my point. It's like since when is it politically incorrect or a Nwoko? Whatever you want to call it. To actually want to stick up for women and their ability to compete athletically and take advantage of the great opportunities and I think it is great. I I've had a daughter who has gone through great athletic experiences. She's not a great a half wit time away, but she was on multiple sports teams, and it was so important to her development. Every parent knows that. And you're right. This is going to be there are going to be women Who will say, why bother my father employed That's described Larry a planet could be amazing. W M E L F M. WOODBRIDGE, Washington Now more than ever depend on one or 5.9 FM W M A L. A cumulus station news now with the mail music before I'm a real leave Montgomery County Executive Mark Elbridge signing an executive order today to allow Restaurants to reopen for limited indoor dining, plus new efforts to equitably distribute Corona virus vaccine doses. Under the new order, it'll go back to 25% capacity back to alcohol sales, stopping a 10 o'clock. That is if county executive elevates his plan is approved by the county Council. Next time they meet on February 9th the same time county vaccine doses are now being distributed based not on sign up but buys VIP code. We will.

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