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Forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thank read here's Frank hand right hand it looks pretty bleak for Kansas city which is over six minutes left but then they turned it on how's your exam Cisco twenty one zip in the fourth quarter as chiefs come from twenty ten down late and beat San Francisco thirty one twenty to win Super Bowl fifty four Padma homes threw two touchdown passes Damian Williams had a touchdown run to seal it and how about former Red Sea amber shot real and and Kendall fuller both with interceptions for the Kansas city defense who had a couple big stops late as the chief first time in fifty years win a Superbowl again knocking off San Francisco thirty one twenty he won a Superbowl with Denver a few years ago finished up his career with his hometown team the red skins tight end Vernon Davis is calling it a career Davis spent the last four years with the skins racked up eight touchdowns over seventeen hundred yards receiving Davis says now he's planning on an acting career capitals fall the penguins on Sunday afternoon forty three Lars eller whose net soft with goals for the capitals but not enough caps just four points ahead of the penguins for first in the metro Georgetown hoops comes back and beat St John's on the road seventy three seventy two again Kansas city Super Bowl fifty four champs beat San Francisco thirty one twenty of hurricane Randy B. T. O. P. sports it's one sixteen plantar fasciitis.

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