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PM It's the first game of the NFL season to be postponed three times after a covert 19 now break with the Ravens, including star quarterback Lamar Jackson. You can find more sports and access w D win. Appreciated cattle five gets us tonight. O'clock just after nine o'clock morning Talk, Allegany standing by. But right now we need to talk about your situation with insurance. And we have the insurance source with us this morning. And that, of course, is Robin Templeton Morning, Robin. Getting running there. How are you? I am great. Have you looked at the calendar? It is December 1st. How I know in this countdown has begun. When you're just a couple days away Spears, and then it's closed down for the season. So Um yeah, kind of everybody and get him talking camp for next year's that it may be cold outside, but it's woman, my office. You're free to come by and let me help you. What's the first thing they need to look at? When they when they take a look at what's going on with your insurance? What I asked him to do is to get me a most of the medications. That is the key to your policy. I mean, you can have found our co pays for your doctor or zero cozy the doctor, but that doesn't help you. If you don't have a plan is going to cover your medication. That's that's my important part. That I like T O home in on is just make sure we check those because he's company has a different formulary so that one company covers No, don't look every better The other thing that I haven't I keep forgetting to mention a lot on his the medical extra help and also, whatever you know, I hate that because there's a lot of people that have been able to help with that as well. We go by income that dream comes meets the criteria You qualify for Medicare Extra help, which may help cover some of your medicines. That may be a little bit pricey right now. Yeah, And that's that's one of the things we talked about for the hidden expense of healthcare. We always think of the big things that the checkups, the procedures, the hospitalization, But it's the prescriptions that most of us I saw like it, says survey that said, most of us after a certain age you're going to be taking one or multiple prescriptions for a long time. And that cost can add up and not knowing you've got that whole to fall into is a bad thing. Absolutely. Listen. The donut hole. They think that they don't hold right away. Well, I didn't actually go right. This remains the cover. Is that so? Yes, they follow into the coverage gap. It did change and it's in the Maggie a good cook before you go into that coverage Gap period, But we want to make sure that we can find the right plan for you know, maybe you wanted to get to that coverage cap. Let's let's see if we can fill that gap in. Put a bridge across that Chazz him so to speak. So how do we do it? Thank goodness I called the office. It's 770 Stop 321900. I shall be glad to give him the appointment. If I can't get they can't get to me. I can always do it by phone so they can give me a call that way. Um Could you stay over the Internet? It was great. Excellent. Hey, the insurance source. They called that for a reason. Romina lets you get back to it. Another hot cup of cocoa and you're on your way. And some stuff like that. You see this most like this? Yeah. I heard you have heard it here. There. Yeah, yes. That's been Santa hates watching. This notebook has come down like a glove. Kind of funny. Exactly. All right, take care of lost, then stick. I'm all I'm all for. It just started stick. I'm not as crazy about By the way, we.

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