Chuck Todd Hera, Congressman, Chuck Todd discussed on Gun Talk with Tom Gresham


Things i need to cover by the way if you've got to see meet the press earlier today chuck todd hera recorded interview with congressmen steve scalise resiana congressman majority whip the man who was shot in an assassination attempt in washington dc clear where guns are pretty much illegal workers were shooting people certainly illegal it were saved by two people with guns chuck todd's interview i'll talk about that just a bit it was the press conference colleagues have very press recorded interview that kept saying exclusive interview here well okay but in about one hour from now we will have congressman steve scalise armed gun talk radio live right here guntalk you will be with us we're here we have a lot to talk to him about the most impressive mandatory many many thoughts but as our speaker about all this i was thinking about the discussions i've head of the things that i've done relating to gun rights over the years i started going back and back in back in the window i start window started this whole kale i first started writing about gun rights exactly fifty years ago i can sixty seven at that time was called the dod bill you know the dog bit you may not know you know the dot beer because it became the gun control act from 1960 i have been covering gun rights and the battle with those who would ban guns for five decades now i have seen who they are i've seen what they do i know what they want they actually have told me what what they want they don't do it very often but every once in a while they're breakdown and they'll aktru slip hey residually because there were a conversation today with chuck todd and he was interviewing diane feinstein on meet the press after he interviewed steve scalise diane feinstein of course i was the author of the clinton gun banned the crime bill which banned a number of rifles but didn't really based on cosmetic features it's the only piece of legislation she's ever author 10minute sunset she's been there that long she has no piece of legislation that she has authored that ever survived but put that aside so i remember asking tom dea source of the violence policy center a gun ban group all the radio show live couldn't duck dodge and i said okay here's the deal.

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