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Ninety five percent of the crowd on the bears loss. That day that sucked but harry kane blessing getting booed was a was a beautiful beautiful thing. If i'm not mistaken that bears jus- lose lost in some gut wrenching fashion as well. Brennan if on the raiders. I came out hot and got up by like twenty right Like it was coming out. Party for joseph and let's name running back again. The initials j. j. yes yeah. Yeah jacobs jacobs uday. Yeah yeah he was. He was amazing in the bears. You know fog down lately ish try to come back and they did not run in hunt here on the rich eisen show the emmy award nominated actor and writer monoplace coach beard ted lasso here on the rich eisen show. Where does the The warmth of this show come from what is the walk. Me through how you would create a show and you're like okay. This guy and everyone around him has got to have the sensibility to warm. And be you know. Very sweet hearted What where where did that come from that. You would emphasize. Because i think that's part of the reason why your show is such a smash at not just the comedy and the characters but there's just a warmth that i think people are attracted to brennan. I think it's it comes from a little a lot from kansas. Kansas city where jesus from it comes a little from chicago round from and also central illinois like normal wilmington Where i went to school and a little bit from marietta georgia where joe kelly's from like we're all you know. Marietta does not quite midwest as much as the other two but you know right got a real like out of phrases correctly but like you know a good southern sensibility. You know numb and and he lived in chicago for a long time to and just it all adds up to a very mid western kind of vibe in the show like we weren't necessarily going out of our way to make someone fred rogers like like we were. We were drawn from our own experience in o. J.'s drawing from his dad races from coaches. He had joe also head coaches. He liked not not so athletic But you know the odds theater teacher like my boss is at the at the auditorium where i was a. You know a stagehand for awhile like just sturdy midwestern listeners so we were does modeling people that we've known all our lives and putting them into this character. You know we weren't. We weren't drawing from some crazy fantasy land of kindness that exists. Why because again it is. It's just so everybody's so vulnerable on the show and then again it's very funny and you put it all together and it's unlike anything that's on television right now and the the show that one one of the shows you're nominated for for writing called make rebecca great again talking about the owner of the team. I'll be honest with you. I don't mean to embarrass your anything like that. But i i turn my wife when that episode was over. I said that that was the greatest half hour of television. I think i've ever seen it was beautiful. It was funny. It was sad it was a fun is well amazing Really really was. And i just. There's no question i just congratulations. It truly is beautiful and funny all together as one of my favorite episodes For without no spoiler shows. I haven't seen it yet. But also head ketchup people but nick. Nick muhammed's locker room. Speech is absolutely my favorite moments of the season. Jason enhanced do incredible stuff that episode and like the directing is really really good and the editing is really good and then closing song that plays the whole Sometimes you to show you get like the right part of a song but believe that's the entire song. Leon strange by celeste. in it's just it just brings the whole thing together makes more than some of its parts and so anyway. I'm a fan episode. Do so an season two available every friday on on apple. Plus where you can watch Ted lasso so there's no coaching inspiration for your character specifically anything something. I mean we know in you. Know i mean acting coaches like one of my A couple of my professors down illinois state and you actually i just realize yesterday the the clearest analogs actually a guy i worked with at this student stories when the students center called the bone students State they may have renamed it. I hope not we all love working at the boehner had brayden auditorium and then redbird arena which became the new basketball arena for us For fries you but there was a guy named Matt hartley and matt hartley was just the adding to this day in all my travels around the world through all the halls of comedy. The most deadpan person. I've ever met in my entire life And he was he was the assistant to the kind of a rotating cast of of bosses and he just stood in the back and he waited and said his piece. It was a tiny bomb. every time Good bomb and then off. He went the only real example which i can remember it being like Like the first meeting of the of the school year we all get your your radios and and you know john the boss that time Hansie radio gets a whole speech about what it means to have a radio and then and we're all you know midwestern net harley to sits in the back and just bleeds for gap and says it's your nomenclature. It sounds like a line from your show. I'll be honest with you. It does sound like something from ted lot. So i had to look it up. I thought i was fairly well reason but no no by man from the prairie was out calculating me hard. Love fantastic so Brent hunt couple more minutes left here on the rich eisen show with the emmy award nominated actor and writer and co creator of ted lasso. Here on the rich eisen show. What's your favorite line. Which one is your favorite. Where you're like okay..

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