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Don't i like. I feel happy about it but i just wanted more minority love. More minority would have been nice for sure. Monari love more sound of metal loves. I think it's just it just points back to you like the spirit awards. Although words for me. 'cause i just prefer smaller films. Sure that's it. More than anything fisher. I mean oscars are always like the big things How it so for me. I would again. It's we again. I mentioned this. It's weird to me. That was so bored by ceremony. What i i actually really liked the winners. Yeah so i like almost rate the ceremony like a four hundred ten. Where like i think this is one of the years with austria's got it like the most right. Oddly i think like where i think you look back five years from now and be like. That was pretty. That was pretty accurate. There's gonna be some weird ones but it's not like you're not like what the fuck was judy. Like why is that here. There's no there's no. There's judy there's no There's no like loud incredibly close saran one at fault. you know. there's no there's no one really like. Why did we decide to put this in the award season besides roar at but that didn't get any major ones but you know that's that's kind of my thinking no i agree and i definitely honestly think that's why it was so boring like we just we kind of knew what was for the most part we kind of had it. Figured what was gonna win in. There wasn't a lot of surprises. And like i would say. There's a lot of surprises. You feel like there were okay. For best. best actor was a surprise. Best actress was a surprise. Best picture obviously was not the line. Categories were best cinematography best best score best actor and best actress or too big surprises. So i feel like. I just like this to be over midden okay. So here's a fun game okay. The oscar the oscar ratings last year were twenty three point six million people. Okay what do you think. The oscar ratings are going to be this year..

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