East Price Hill, Donald Trump, Dr Fauci discussed on Lance McAlister


They say was a road rage shooting of a ten year old in east price hill it happened this afternoon about three in the thirty nine hundred block of Glenn way Avenue police are saying that a suspect had fired into an SUV and hit the child in the leg the injury not life threatening no suspect information has been released by Cincinnati police right now there will be more demonstrations in the Cincinnati area this weekend and a week from today president trump plans his first rally since the pandemic shut down the country as we re open the nation's top infectious disease doctor doctor is warning people not to take part in mass gatherings without a mask for the growing number of cases in cities previously not hit by covert nineteen a gravity flow she says experts can stop the spread if people continue current precautions we don't necessarily have to have a resurgence of infections if we respond well to the ones we see but many Americans aren't wearing masks or keeping social distance Dr Fauci fearing a second wave of illness and death if they don't Andy field ABC news Washington latest coronavirus numbers in Ohio four hundred and twenty new cases with eighteen new doubts Kentucky reporting three hundred and thirty one new cases for new deaths and in Indiana more than four hundred and fifty new cases and sixteen deaths in the past twenty four hours as an NFL head coach says he's going to kneel during the national anthem with his players to protest racial injustice and police brutality Houston Texans bill o'brien telling the Houston Chronicle he's all for the players having the right to protest it was three years ago when he supported his players who knelt after then team owner Bob McNair made racially insensitive.

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