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Haagendazs ben and jerry's all of them come to pin state once a year in january and they go to ice cream school apparently penn state as his state of the art ice cream university so we learned not only that they make the ice cream there but they also have the farm right across the field from beaver stadium the stadium's beaver stadium about that right right across the right across the street reliever state of you i have a dairy farm 450 hit a cattle and two hundred twenty of them get milked every day and when that when the when the guy i would like to shout him out i forget his name when he told us that they milk to earn twenty a day i looked at jonathan and he looked at me and we went looking at got out gluco of that well uh and what have you learned a you haven't found anything like that at the university of my have found the turnover chain yet is that what you're doing is though is it a hanina the don't ain't that challe k because this is like okay this is you guys are televising your hunt for the turnover disorder yes sir and our guys in the communications department gave me the shirt which is really cool thirty bucks and then they gave him that's the best journalism together you're not supposed taken rising this worth more than 25000 okay now yes you allow them while at all it also needs in the himalayas has as yet you're doing arrived only hours ahead he'll take everything ila i evan paper single thing i'm wearing today through got good in a tube of god's and got their florida select your lacrosse that's my lacrosse demand at the team i go oh i don't know you were lacrosse coach are you.

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