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Over all that sweetness and the wine. And I'm asking. Am I crazy? I thought I remembered. That was a big deal back in the seventies and eighties. Like you added things like cognac brandy, too. Nothing really. Oh, you'll have to play the jury. Jeff Walker sangria wine before Get out here today. I know we've been working on this list. Help me build this list of things. You should fear listening Guard line. Don't do Just never, ever, ever do. Don't do these things. We built the list so far with no more, you know, get back to mourn your own lawn mowing your own lawn. You know if if you're that depended on somebody mowing your lawn for you either have a career. You should only have acreage or, you know you just travel so much that you don't when you get home. You don't want to do that. But you mark here in the Houston area. Mowing the yard can be a very cathartic thing. I've always thought I could do some of the best thinking when I'm working out in the landscape. I'm not mowing my own 2.5 acres of her. I have to fakers of turf. So I definitely have a crew doing that. But I do all my own fertilization schedule stuff. I like I did yesterday. I work out in lawn as much I possibly can. And the landscape yesterday was picking up all the debris and blowing all the pine needles from the storm Friday evening. So and I like doing that I find it mind clinic clearing and cleansing, but so get back to mourn your own lawn. Do not top trees. We don't do that anymore. You shouldn't use Weeden feeds with Atrazine if you've never read the back of a bag of weed in feet Do that. I may actually post that later today. It's a great tip sheet that we did in the last couple of years. That says, Look, if you've never read the back of a bag of weed feet, this will convince you never to use Weeden feeds without dressing just reading their own labels. And of course, stay away from died. Mulch. Get back to the calls, though I got John and full share coming up. And for those of you who want to participate in the building this never ever list. You have to be willing to go on the air. My apologies to Albert. Yes, years could make it on the list, Albert, But I want you to share that with everybody. 713 to 1 to Katie your age. That's 713 to 125874 lines are open for the help me build the never, ever ever list for garden line. Morning, John and full sure you're on the air. I ran to hear you. I'm good. That was a nice long delay. What happened there after 10 acres of culture? And I have a problem underneath a huge pecan tree. This country's probably 100 years old. I planted emerald zoysia. And I killed it with a tractor tailor and took all the grass out. I thought I was dealing with nut grass. And it turns out it's these while onion plans got a nut seat on it. What most of the broadleaf herbicide broadleaf We'd herbicides, believe it or not, are good for wild onion, wild garlic, wild onion, wild garlic If we'll use and we're we're in the cool season herbicide time, so I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to get Teo. I'm in full Scher. Whether I go to like full strays hardware or if I go all the way over to Ah, Enchanted Gardens. I'm going to get my hands on Bon. I'd we'd beat her ultra and a surfactant. It's critical important. Wild onion, Wild garlic control. And follow instructions for the dosage. Get it pump up sprayer going And I'm gonna missed every the sides of every one of those wild onions. It works. I've controlled wild onion, wild garlic for years would broadleaf weed killers And now that we're in the cool season herbicide time get the broadleaf weedkillers design for this time of year whether it's bonded, we'd better ultra Orford alone. We'd free zone. Okay. I have one more question. I planted Hey. Wait for Burnham's in a road block basis. Prik. We sold 20 acres north across the street from the and I was creating the head and these Barbara have actually grown. Okay, Let me let me out. I'm going to stop you for clarification real quick. Are we talking viburnums or sweet almond verbena? Okay, so there's a big green leaf. Evergreen plants. Get OK? Yeah. So viburnum right now, so start over again. So you've planted these viburnums? What's your question for me? I planted him about 9 ft apart. And and they're they're actually planted too close close together. They should have been about 15 12 to 15 ft apart. I've got a free guy coming in with a spade truck to move these for me. It moved every other one. A plan. I'm on West France flying because there's a new house being built about 400 ft West of me. And What do you recommend, as far is Do you recommend? I root stimulator on me, not a synthetic one. If you can find an organic one. We were talking about nature's creation. Yesterday. I am a Proponent of saturating root balls during transplants with anything like liquid organic nature's creation, solo activator Medina has to grow liquid plant food, anything like that. That is 100% well, and the Medina Haskell is not 1% organic, but it's mostly And we're trying to tend towards an organic plant food organic route stimulator when we do a transplant or a move like that. Police don't use anything that synthetic when you're moving something that nice size. I have here is my question for you. Why not Just get some new viburnums for that Westside? You taking out what every other one that you planted at 9 ft apart. You're going to have these huge gaps. It's going to take three years to fill back in again. It seems to me like I could just do a much better deal planning new ones While they're building the house. Let's get these established while they're building the house and get those up over the next year, as opposed to taking that big of a huge gap out of your other barrier shrub. I planted a fiver. Burnham's on my West fence line. The block his house in the spring, and I actually dug two of among yesterday and the root ball has doubled in size of the planet him in spring. And they're doing very well. I mean, this suspect that's not answering my questions. I don't understand why you're removing the other viburnums They're doing so well. Okay. They got planted too close together. 9 ft apart. No kind of okay with that. That means they're already created that wall for you. Now you're going to get rid of that wall by removing other every other one when you can just go plant new ones. For the house. That's what other people have asked me. Why are you doing? I hope you'll take this is the kind of tongue in cheek moment that I'm thinking of. This is like overkill. What you're doing with a spade truck and moving these viburnums by Burns are easy to buy at nurseries, Gardens centers, tree farms, and you can buy some nice sized ones..

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