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Peace helmet is off he is mike is on time for our forty nine player of the week murphy npr i would love to do this every week and were starting to turn our attention to the forty nine is at the arizona cardinals cardinals become enough a short week for years coming off a long rest so maybe that will give them the advantage of looking for win number one they're getting on a plane and number eighty one will be joining them he's rookie wide receiver trent taylor at always e n attack and we've never had a chance to to have him on the morning show on the murphy mac show brian murphy paul mccaffrey on the obama guests line trent we are delighted to have you we appreciate you take a few minutes at a year out of your prep this morning and talk to the morning how are you tread on great uh glad to be here oreo we're good admitted what's a wednesday morning for trent taylor like are you are in the weight room already what are you doing uh not yet no we are uh uh motherhood up to the newly right now and get them meeting in work out done and all the nerve to practice yeah enduse i mean is it here you are a you go from louisiana tech to the nfl and strength is going to be such a deal 16 weeks are you already on a different ghana wait regimen and strength regimen uh yeah the they got going with all that counts boca on radar the graveyard where the only alive different and known uh mode of bigger animal to procure claimed sixteen games and known i mean it's it's a different alive does lived to be able to go out lastminute overture was a your listeners five eight one seventy eight according to what i have i don't know how accurate that is is that about right one seventy eight down whoa one eight who right now is i would you like to maintain all year yeah yeah with trend taylor out there doing this thanks let's talk about the differences met three games in how if you had to tell your friends back home what's the biggest difference about playing football in the nfl versus planned for louisiana tech or is there a difference yeah i'll tell you to.

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