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Into but sleeping Franks. Great job. Running the ball so far for Florida's got a rushing. Touchdown nine carries gain of eighty yards. You didn't have sacrificed to in there to cost and ten for Michigan not much in the Rodney game of wolverines leading rusher. Chris Evans with seven for twenty. What do they need to do in the second half? Michigan. Get the running game the adjustments gotta be on defense. And really the story this football game, as you mentioned has been Philippe a Franks running the football missions got Michigan's got to find a way to adjust to those four white sets and really four unbalanced wide receivers that Ford keeps put into the field dad's win fleet bay Franks has been most affected with Dan Mullen, coach Mullen, how do you feel about the bay breaks in the first half? I did pretty good. We got to make some decisions to make some plays. Every once in a while just throw it away if it's not there. But overall, he's make some pretty good decisions. We just got finished drives in the red zone. We should be up a couple of scores. You company you get the run game going into the second run the ball fairly well autumn the first ads. So we gotta just keep it going to be consistent. Second half adjustments. Brought to you by Mercedes Benz vans built for you. The all new sprinter built in the USA. How about coal sprinting hustle to get Dan Mullen boy in a jacket to he's gotta be sweaty down there. At first it was a little jiggle jog. And then it was a full long sprint. Let's go. Call simple equation on I'll survive Mishkin kicking off. Jake, not puts his foot into the far hash chance for a return for Qadir's. Tony from the one Tony up the left hash stutter steps gets warmed right there. At the fourteen yard line was thinking about a cutback the bed. Mason the fullback was there to swallow them up. How 'bout shape Patterson first half eleven of sixteen for one thirty two and a touchdown. He was sacked three times. Got to find a way to protect it, Tom. We saw them early in the game with two three tight ends when they get on offense. We'll see him come back to some of those heavy tight end sets try to give him a chance. But right now if that defense and can they adjust to the effectiveness of pay Franks running the football Jordan scarlet is at running back for Florida to start the second half trips to the left side Franks drops back pressure on a blitz. Let's go deep down this left sideline. It is too strong trying to get to ban Jefferson the struggles deep left continue but Carlo led to that next. Suppression up the middle. How about an aggressive? Call to start out this second half by Dan Mullen, they faked really a fake the quarterback draw their leeway Franks took a step forward lower lowered his body to act like he was running. They went play action little too long. They're on the outside, and as we've seen it's kind of been the story for fully pay Franks throwing the ball deep. Second and ten vol Florida fourteen yard line. Here's a quarterback draw Franks from left side, try to use the stiff arm, and then he gets swarmed after gain of three Kelly cuts in junior from keys for PA will mentioned all big ten with the stop. You don't have to worry much about saving your quarterback at this point. So police say race compete an effective runner. Utilize those design quarterback brunch. Let him gain positive yards edges quarterback power there. Give me rock blocker. Let that big six six two hundred forty pound frame fall forward. Now. Third eight from the sixteen yard line of Florida Franks, motions Tony to come forward. Takes a step drops back over the middle. This is Tony at across catches. It turns it up field for a first down party Trayvon Grimes on the crossing route with the first hour, that's a great play design there. This was the storyline. As I mentioned earlier in the game. How could Florida counteract the press coverage in tight man coverage the fish again likes to play on the outside. Would they do their? They started Tony far left. A motion them inside motion. Got a backup offense number eight motion toward the line of scrimmage the yard penalty. Previous spot replay third down like the fees said the Trayvon Grimes was going forward. Instead. Really should have been on Canarias, Tony their emotion. He got going forward. Just a little too quickly. It was right. You're listening closely to me was Trayvon Grimes who's in. Yeah. Yeah. Just take forever. I don't listen to you. That's that's part of the problem. Third and twelve now legal motion is a five yard penalty. Now could area's Tony is in motion. I was looking my crystal ball, Tony. Now, the backfield they faked a handoff to Frank trying to dance left to go. Cut down at the line of scrimmage by chase vix. That was the second time in that series. But a Michigan defender got a huge jump on the snap against his Ford to operate on first down. Fred Johnson was looking to be officials say you're gonna call signs on that. They've got a big jump. Same thing on that third down play chase win. If it's off the edge looked like he beat the football into the backfield. Josh Mattel Michigan safety was also back there, and he was talking with Philippe pay Franks afterwards. Tammy Townsend upon it away to Donovan people's John's Michigan's already blocked one to Mark woods. Blocked a punt the lead to Michigan field goal. From his own endzone towns and does not get off a pretty one opposite side of his foot takes Florida hop into people's Jones's hands and he'll take it out of bounds. At about the forty eight yard line. Forty six yard punt six on the return. And that's good Michigan will set up shop other direction of shape Patterson. This is a crowd Michigan program of soccer, Dan Deardoff over the Michigan radio booth at the half. And this Michigan team has a chance to do something. It hasn't been done very often. They could finish with eleven wins. It's.

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