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We they will begging to come to USC. Yes. He could choose picking litter. But now we're in a situation where this is the second player in less than nine months that is decided to go to Clemson that's from the state of California one from Folsom of Norfolk receiver and this kid here this now at Saint John Bosco now how much of the has to do. Hold on top of that another receiver just to a receiver from Calabasas high school is going to LSU. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I mean like. like seriously like, I how much of this has to do with the current roster construction SE in the fact that maybe there's opportunity in the play sooner at Clemson versus here. Does he it doesn't matter? We call them. We stack them up Ohio State. They stack them up top each other Alabama. They stack them stack them top. Like we used to do at USC. We used to run them too. Like that. Just running them through just running them through the part that I think is the scariest furnace fan is. There is no way to overcome the objection. If if I'm if I'm this kid, and I'm thinking about going to Clemson or SE or Essien really anywhere else. And I'm kind of on the fence, and I'm trying to decide to a wanna I wanna stay home at one play for the Trojans. I saw the Trojans they were great for a long time while I was a kid. I wanna be a part of that. And the guy from school X comes in and says, look, I get it s great. Let me ask you this who are you gonna be playing for in two years because ain't gonna be that guy is not going to be him. If dabbled Sweeney can walk into that kids, Ringo. I decided tenure dealing and pay me ten million bucks. You're not going.

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