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What what do you have? To do, to prepare, for that I mean you? You, you boarding up your windows No Hit and miss staying in certain, areas but to sandstorms are usually along the ten. Freeway I. Know but that's real dangerous if you get Heavy winds and and, it comes in at night you know the, he is so darn hot tied one fourteen here. Today Robin. Already stop it with. That one fourteen Oh I couldn't do that for one, second thank you for calling down go. Ahead I. Was, visiting up in my family I was up. In, the bay area. Last week I. I love the, evenings in the bay area. Oh just cooled off. It's so. Great I know. We, we take it for granted no doubt. About it thank you I. Appreciate it Surviving the. Hubbub in Phoenix At one fourteen what are? You kidding me a chance have you? Ever been to chase Cody watch, Diamondbacks, game I have about oh I'd say now gone about twelve years. Ago or so years ago I remember I saw was the Diamondbacks. The Florida Marlins or tomorrow Dan Uggla and. Hanley, Ramirez on that team sorry I, gotta. Be honest with you man now that we've seen the Miami Marlins The Florida Marlins colors. Bat the teal and black I dig? That you don't know how good you? Got it till it's gone although, I, kinda I kinda dig the Miami Marlins because it is Miami's ridiculous. But it feels like Miami that's all I'm saying I like the. Old the Jeffco nine pinstripes back in the. Day, those were killer Mr. Marlin Mr., Marlowe. Himself for sure no doubt about it Okay anyway The number giants beat the Diamondbacks eight one tonight behind Madison Bumgarner got five innings strikes out five because of seven hits. One earned run a great offensive output by this team to kick off this. Road trip and you know what's impressive is they're doing it on, the road and that's something that we. Talk about the giants. Have been it's been such a problem for them all. Year long so Jekyll. And Hyde like when it comes to home and away. This team now they've won three in a row on. The road this is including the, two games pit stop in. San Diego this is very encouraging because the next series, is very. Very difficult now there's three, left Zona but then you got to at the house. Against Houston and what were you telling me about the? AOL Cody what's going on with the as did the DD Mariners lose because I still got. A monitor. That's right the monitor the as here did. Not play have Detroit coming in this weekend buzz right there, off today? Weren't they the Seattle Mariners did lose which means the as are in. Sole possession the second wildcard by the popping up all over. The. Place. Okay The as are. Now in the second spot for the wild card isn't that. Insane They've sixty four wins. On the year The more wins they have. More wins than any. National League team I cannot believe this the Oakland a.'s have sixty four wins and the most wins in the National League do or the or the Sixty three Cody this is a hell of, a, story man this, is crazy and I think we I was saying this couple of. Months ago I see the as just slowly take it very quietly doing, their thing not so, quietly now but, the Mariners those one run losses were gonna catch up. To them they were gonna lose a lot of. Close games and if you look at, their schedule the rest of the way they have a lot of really. Tough opponents and a lot of those tough opponents are in their own division in the as and. The Astros so it's I think it's going to catch up to them here in. The stretch it's funny that it's working out this way because they do remember you talking about that a couple of weeks ago telling me in the back how these one run games are gonna kill, the Mariners and now. They are I can't believe the as earned second place, for right. That's crazy we'll continue the, giants discussion eight one win of the Diamondbacks huge win tonight for your giants on the road. In Arizona three left with the. Diamondbacks anyway can't be are is the number and then coming up at. Eleven o'clock we'll kick off the NFL our to replace in that our great, conversations today Santa Clara with Franny and Lund talking To Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo it's all on, the way tonight on the sports leader NPR ten.

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