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Mass protest ska Check out speed figures dot com for a complete analysis of the races from Golden Gate Fields. Good morning, Matt. Good morning, Sam. Well, we gotta go. We had a lot of race to cover so much will quickly get into it on our final 15 minutes. Let's start with the first race. Ex? Yeah, the first race. We have a sprint for maiden claiming 8000. The morning line here is going to be picking your Monte number four. He shortens up from some six furlong sprint at the same level, and I think he's the morning my choice and he's close. He's got some races that put him close here, but I we put him third on our sheet and I think he just had his chances. And I'm looking for some new faces. We went with the outside horse as our top call hot box number eight shipping in from Southern California, and he's seeing this level for the first time. Trainer, Stevie Adi has been really good shipping horses up here from Southern California. He really makes good called as to what level the horses need and what they need to win at. So he's been 27% clicking with that that move, which is a very high wind percentage. And then also his dropping down the classes. He's also 27%. So I think he found a good spot for the number eight on the outside here, Hot Fox. He should be able to have enough speed to stock. The Kenya Monta And then push on by. I think the kind of improving Bill Town Banner number five, has been racing to Kenya Monta several times now and got by him last time into second. And I think that could happen again. Here, so we're 854. And the other thing about Bill Town banners going for five seconds in a row, so I think that's probably a good spot for him. He can run a good race, but we're going to go hot Stock Hill Town Banner. Kenya Monty for the top three here. Okay, Second half of the devil. Oh, yeah. Novella on top. Yeah, novella coming out of a really strong wind for 20,000 on August 21st, And in that race, she drew off in one by two lengths Clear and splashing the number one horse was making a big move in that race. Looks like almost a winning moving got completely shut off. Kyle Fray doesn't happen often. He's such a good writer. Lee won four races yesterday, but he did. He's just bad racing like he put her in the inside, and nothing ever opened up for her down the lane, and she just got bounced around. And wound up finishing fourth. In that race. It really looked like she was going to run on for something better, and I think those two coming out of that strong race on August 21st are going to be the top two calls here in the keys.

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