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The somehow infiltrated so you get this interest capital of really gravely straight lines and then this very kind of like loose illustration style tonight busking ball references runner raptors to drink references looks neon colors in palm trees become miami vice thing and is really is really fun how the students play off each other in a way that is very toronto trap culture in toronto i am intrigued taking it is especially if you if you from lonzo if you live in muck it is weird i mean it's there's definitely trapping atlanta of intrigued by it weird to me because you will you'll hear to walk down the street will here before you see you get the sound for the visual and the visual is never what you'd expect and i don't mean this in a way to to a guy in a suit was like they could website bank and they're blasting it out the headphone so loud that you can hear it and they're like dancing down the street singing long rapping along to lurks and that's when i wrote on think like it's super coporate but everyone's also kinda edgy or at least they want to the sometimes you can tell by the president is not believing this but a long time yes this is mixed like i said it's the condos and drake somehow come together so you mentioned that going to design school i know you went to school in nova scotia i went to college i went to saint francis xavier university research i don't mean from what i could find we'll talk about that but what was your what was your time like there what did you study yeah i went into computer science and i think that's you you stay at as well on if i remember currently i started out studying in i the math has so i went into compete at its he is that and then i thought switching to find i minded advice i thought it was switching my major's method year and some hogan's road listen i know we know that we told you that we will get accreditation to give you major in finances happening you can be a major you have one year left in order to be able to graduate we're gonna need to find you knew major let's look at everything you've done and i had completed spanish in there and i think you're french and what about if we switch us you what languages and we said you flip mexico for again steve that sounds great once so going into med going it's my final year of university is the two thousand six yes would have been those of world cup happening this is how i kind of tie everything to what spoke sports event was happening so is the air mexico go note that of the world cup by argentina and i moved to mexico the day that they go note that will come to you and the guy who was responsible for all the exchange students was misconduct guy called mario is mexican was born in argentina and i just remember like he he basically can shows facebook looking at the time wow i'm so i ended up graduating this weird hybrid linguistics computer science arts degree which is ironic exactly what i.

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