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All right to her. But she's young. How quickly do you want to return? I always WANNA fight sooner. So whenever the U. OF C. Deems it goods for me to come in these call again. I'll be ready. I'm I'm uninjured. Just my nose is swollen and who we want new roxy. She calls people allow out. She talks smack venom vitriol. Who Do we want? Anybody will make way lineup. I'll take them down okay. It doesn't matter just make wait. Elbows are waiting for you Roxie. Congratulations so great. And of course we have to fan fantasy off here with the happy warriors signed. I mean this thing is going to be worth a lot of money one day when you go into the UFC hall of fame for all the great things that you are about to do. I'm so proud to have this. So congratulations great. Great to have you on last week and this week how about this back to back appearances for you Roxie. This is amazing. Congratulations on the enjoy. The victory there she is Roxanne modifier giving us the thumbs up corporate. Jacob can hear you you got me nervous there. I thought that was the world great win for her are some factoid if you want some twenty four and seventeen three and four and the UFC this courtesy of my good pal. Andrew Davis of SIG STATS AND INFO group here at ESPN. She closed at a plus five fifty. According to these seizures sportsbook the second largest just underdog to cash in the since two thousand eighteen come a worthy was a plus six fifty when he defeated Davonte Smith a UFC two forty one scored. The I knocked down against macy Barbara Outlandish Barbara and total strikes one twelve to twenty five according to UFC stats and ten ground passes against Barbara One. The four women women excuse me to have ten plus ground passes in a fight Tatyana Suarez. Did it twice fleas heritage and Rosena Munis. The fight with Barbara was the second second-largest age gap for a women's fight and UFC history. Five thousand seven hundred and sixteen days between them may see Barbara was just five five years old. When Roxanne Montazeri made her debut an absolute legend of the game and nice to see her? Get that victory all right. So that's it's one story that transpired Saturday night and amazing that all those people were watching. Roxanne modifier do that. I spoke actually briefly to macy Brenner. Father yesterday. On on the phone she appeared to be down but try to remain positive. She did the first thing that she said was well. Maybe now my prediction of being the youngest the youngest champion new see history might not come true. I told her that a wise man once said the best laid plans of mice. Men often go awry and this is just the way the career it goes but at the end of the day twenty one years young and having these start to her you of secret that she had pretty darn impressive and so losing to someone like Roxanne is is nothing to hangar. Your head down about and she'll be able to return. The layoff is obviously the biggest bummer. The loss would just be the loss and that would be disappointing joining in its own right but now having to go under the knife they haven't decided yet by the way where they will do the surgery and they're being told around nine months or so of recovery. But I do. I do believe leave that the fight should have been stopped. Not so much by the doctor and I don't know I'm not a doctor by the way I don't know how you can tell if it's a partial tear or a full tear. How do you determine that I really have no idea? How do they actually know conductors? Actually tell without doing. I don't know but I will just say if if I were her corner. And she has a very very experienced and respected corner. Duke Rufus Been Aspirin to name a couple. I would've just stopped the fight going into the third they know. Oh she's tough and I respect the fact that they have that opinion I feel like I can have my opinion as well live to fight another day. What if it was a partial tear and then it went to a full tear? What if that happened right? It just made things worse. It did not look like she was going to be able to turn things around. And there's the case we made that. If you kept the fights that I thought was really smart for Roxanne to take the fight to the ground. Because if she was standing essentially on one leg you can still land haymaker if you're on the ground it's very hard to to use your leg which you need leverage to get out of the scrambles to try to get back on on your feet shrimp all that stuff. It's very tough and so to take the fight to the ground. I I actually thought it was a brilliant move on Roxanne's Party some people say she's should've kept the fight standing and we've seen people with injured legs you you know score some some pretty big haymakers so that made sense. I'm just saying if I were her corner. I would just said let's just lift lift another day. Let's just move on at this point. You're clearly injured. You're in a lot of pain. And so much respect for her her toughness her heart Her desire all that stuff to keep on going was amazing but was there any point. Twenty one years young you got a whole career ahead of you just live to fight another day. That's what I would do. I know that's all part of the culture in our sport for whatever reason I think it's more a part of the culture in boxing One of my theories is the the the show win pay structure. If you know how much you're GonNa make going in and you know it's the full amount upfront. You don't have to worry as a cornerman. You don't worry about taking half of the purse away. One hundred one hundred percent think that that comes into play have asked coaches if that comes into play. You don't want your fighter to come back. Ah You rob me a fifty percent of my pay. It's an awkward thing to think about. That's not as prevalent. That model isn't as prevalent in in boxing. Now I'm not saying that's one hundred percent why they didn't make that decision but I do think that is something that comes to mind when you know the fight is is playing out. I just feel like it was very clear that she was not going to be able to rebound so why not. Why not just lift another day anyhow? That's the story. Show rebound bound. Roxanne wins everyone was very happy for her. And I'm sure all the people who placed the bet on her work extremely happy for her and so now we'll see when macy she returns and who runs and gets matched up with next in a matter moments we're going to be joined by. Kevin Lee the loan to forty six related guests on this show Las Week. It was announced that he'll be headlining. The March Fourteenth Brasilia Card Against Charles. L. Vera which is a great fight. But if I'm being honest I'm a little disappointed. It's not as much next. So let's ask him about that. If you want to know how Kevin Lee fits into all of this. Let's ask him right. Now Kevin Kevin. How are you going area? I'm good how you doing. I'm doing great. I have an issue with you Kevin. I have a bone to pick with you. Go ahead that I'm not on. Hey that's all yo people. It's not about the skype. I have an issue with you that okay because I'm set up I'm set up. I want you to know that. No it's all good man. I know these things happen. I'm just happy to have you on the show. Here's my issue my issue is. Why aren't we fighting Islam? MAFA chip you seem to want it. He seemed to wonder why. Isn't this happening. This this is like like the one fight and UFC history. where I feel like both you guys continue to say you want it? It doesn't happen for some reason I'm with you on that I sat down there with them for for over nine hours trying to convince them to give me that fight For some reason the the UFC. You know what I mean. They just don't like to fight that that's kind of what it came down to. I mean all the fans are with it. Are you know he's with it. I'm with it For some reason the USC but they just don't like the fight they they think He he's not a big name. Oh you don't draw enough and they want me bigger fights so I told him I only take this Charles all the verify if I get on next and and we're trying to make that happen in June in Russia so to me when when they kind of pitched the Russia idea me Islam headline in that way. It kind of made me okay. I'll back off from them in. Okay get this money from Charles I but do they give you reason why they don't want this I mean to me is it. They wanted to have some more experienced. That that's what they say into me is is they. Don't WanNa see me way beyond like let's let's be honest here It it pretty much straight Outta Sean Shelby's so that they they don't WanNa see me do them. They don't WanNa see anywhere so they so they want to They WanNa Kinda stacked against me but it. It's always been away in my career so I'm GonNa and I'm GonNa make this happen and then afterwards I made sure that we're putting it into the contract. Get Islam next is one in Russia and I WANNA headlines. Ah yes there's people in in And then we're really see what's happening. Wow so you put that in writing the the body Masan yet you know so so so they need to go in and get the get the handle because I'm looking to getting this done like the next day or two but yeah I wanted to writing okay. I don't I don't want no more talking. No more you know they. They tried to keep them away from me so I wanted him writing and I wanted to be done And when I signed it then I'm starting to really. I'm signing up for this one in in in in in Brazil against Charles and I'm signing up for for Islam in Russia. How do you feel about going to Brazil to fight a Brazilian it? It is what it is. You know like it ain't GonNa be fun but but I'm GonNa make sure I get it done Charles or somebody he he's he's in his career And he he you know he's looking for a bit come up too so I'm GonNa make sure I'm not that one for him. I'm the one that got to take this. You know I don't get to fight you know I don't get the fight cowboy coming off losses and and in his looking a little Cheney I gotta fight the guy that's coming up in his prime with a whole lot of experience behind them for a whole lot of big names and I gotta take him in his home town and like the most hostile crowds that there is in the world. So I'm going to do this and show again. I'm the man that Ah you know. Really don't give a fuck okay. So we are you saying that From commentary weren't all that impressed with connors went on Saturday. I mean I haven't been in many and you'll see for a minute to be honest with you I I. It's starting to get a little wacky me like most of these guys Yeah encounters up there with it. I mean it was. It was a good little. You know he he got the job done. You got the money but but to me like he he oughta what a guy that was Taylor. Pick for them He handpicked for them..

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