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That but I want to know wars that is most affected by the fishing world was it out of me as you have a better life have you ever had a better night but I mean that was like the one of those nights you were there I remember I walked in bill was the bill Robinson there Chris problems is there and I I manually I think the fact that we are you guys were there and I walked in I said I need help carrying this cooler and I want to use your skills to get I'd already written we didn't trap men's but I wanted to double verify the weight of the session I walked in and opened that pulled it up and bill was just like and we all got up on his skill we got forty four pounds eleven ounces at hi this is a big one but my most epic night edition would be probably around nineteen ninety nine two thousand I was searching with a good friend of mine Doug Hansen and another buddy of ours name Bluebonnet set up and we got we if we had it twenty one snack and one night I believe it was over forty inches yes and no well actually we I think was more than twenty one they say twenty seven I say it was twenty one because I called a guy called a few of those that were like I said they're like thirty nine but they're like no no I'm like whatever mmhm yeah we had twenty seven snuck that night they were solidly thirty nine and over and we have only had twenty four base and we we brought in some of those baits and we actually cut him in half and thrown back out big chunks of live mullet that you know becomes a motley fish we just thrown back on the bottom and yeah that was one of the more epic nights and I've had some pretty epic trips with Dave justice on the in the down and out toward the border and and on the east coast as well over there and knocked a lot at fort Lauderdale area we've had some pretty crazy nights but yeah I would say yeah I was one of the more memorable experiences are I don't know what was your reaction when I pull that smoke of the cool or many of our shot was still a no doubt no doubt Hey man I have to have that baby on hang on the wall and it was it that did it did look like a tarpon with racing stripes but it was a it was one of the more epic fights been people say that that's not really believe in the water no it didn't put me in the water when I was pregnant running down the sea wall I slipped on some gravelly wet damp grass and gravelly wall I slipped and thank you ma'am I bought it the lawn and the rest of me is when the water but it was only like maybe waist deep if that and it was a pretty darn good fight but I've actually had better fights was always using much lighter tackle I had just looked at work you know several smoke over thirty pounds that I caught on like twenty pound mono that were way more epic like out of the Courtney Campbell causeway I got a thirty six pound out there one night on fifteen pound test with forty pound leader and this is all model back in the early nineties and I thirty six pounds that is a big snow property at the bay and how I know it was thirty six pounds because this was back in the day when you can keep it and I didn't want to keep it and the guy was was with me was just absolutely like we go completely we gotta go you gotta go to the break here at the bottom of the hour we got a good friend wrote it rods tackle box on the other side with our fresh water report Capt Dave Paul Miller the bad smoker joining us stay tuned will be about news traffic and weather Tampa bay's news radio WFLA two people in Florida have died from corona virus one man in Santa Rosa county who had some underlying health issues died from covert nineteen the other reported in Lee County after that person had an international trip meanwhile there are two more presumptive cases of the respiratory disease both in Broward county vice president Mike pence is in Broward today meeting with cruise line executives about the coronavirus I DO supply ship is on its way to the international space station three one zero there were concerns.

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