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Problem in the brief can be solved or or something to be showcased in the best way possible. And now this this brief document that you get this coming. I'm assuming this is coming from the client. Or is this someone else's kind of putting this information together for you? Yeah so internally. We have our strategists so our strategists are the ones who have worked with the client and then they were on their own research and insights to develop a kind like. Yeah just kind of like a resource. It'll give US INSIGHTS. It'll have like actual problem. They're trying this all. It'll have a target demographic about win. Were trying to do said thing. Having a time line may be important events that are happening around that time to that then they kind of all like compiled together to kind of create. This kind of like you know. She usually like about five or six page long document that we can also thin used to kind of go back to to kind of make. Sure that whatever ideas we do come up with. They fit the brief and they set that target off and they fit the platform that they asked US create on. Yeah it's kind of a mix a lot of desktop internally but they definitely have to use bindings and have these conversations of clients to make sure that has to go now from what I heard you were the first black woman. Higher there as a creative in the history of the agency is that true yes. So let's actually pretty crazy in really crazy. Considering I started in two thousand eighteen remember beginning on twenty eighteen and I think I didn't find that out probably like at least like a year a half a year and a half maybe into my career here but so it was kind of like a shock but I think also to something that was also really exciting and I think that like my friends and like my parents. Especially my Mama's China heightened me up about where I think initially I felt like kind of scared. You know you kind of you're worried like okay. I don't know who I really asked to be the first but something. My mom always says is slow. Somebody has to be the first. So can you so? I think that things like that are also just so important when it comes to just kind of remembering like your place and then again knocks take it as a negative purchase. The know that light. Hey this is pretty exciting restarting things and you know somebody has to do it. And all of us are more than capable in being that person who are some of the brands our clients that you've been able to work with. When I first started out I primarily was working on land lakes butter so I know a lot of unnecessary facts about butter which is so funny with create is located especially in the AD industry like everybody knows wild things about wild like a random begs like. It's just so interesting so I know a lot of things about Aaron were combined for almost a year and then last year. I did a lot of work for discover card okay. I'm a little knowledgeable actually in credit cards. So that's kind of exciting this year and at the end of last year too. I been on more Oreo work. Which has been fun and exciting and then a lot of different other things as we were pitching or old old navy Out that Sun and that was really fun and like so many that they literally have go back and forth and working on on. Penske now I've done. Ups Ritz crackers. That worked on that for a while. So there's definitely a lot of ran for the had the opportunity to tax year which has been fantastic but then also to. We also just have a lot of brands do that on. I'm excited to hopefully touch this year. Like door dash on Carmax and things like that so yeah it's just kind of changes in. It's nice because I'm never just one thing usually on things so that meant especially when you have like a mind. That's like literally all over the place it's nice to be able to debris your energy into other pat path rather than just one. Is there a zero specific type of client? You enjoy working with because I would imagine in an Ad Agency. You're working with like you just mentioned all these different clients. They're in all these different. Industries is a lot of variety there. Yeah they are. Yeah there is. It's interesting too because I think I find that. Like not that almost changes. Sometimes I think there's been parts of every client that I've worked on so far that I really really have enjoyed a really rely. I think Oreos really fun because they are kind of design having an I do love to die and they also really love big ideas. So that's kind of like a really fun place to kind of come up with these larger ideas but I think also too. I really love projects that are used their platform to kind of spread a larger message. And I think that that's something that's really nice because it's kind a few and far between a lot of times. People just want to make sure that the brand or their products place. I which I totally understand I think at the same time I also love. Love love when a client can tap into an issue that is relatable for them appropriate for them and they want to do something about it and I think that's really fun. I think that's what gets me most excited when I get free. Unprecedented that now. I have to ask this question because you spent a lot of time talking about really sort of kind of the great things about your job and what it is that you do but what still worse thing about being an art director of the Agency. Say the worst thing would prob honestly. I think you can ask any our director this. I'm pretty sure the same thing I think. The death of every art director is making comes in making conce literally just the art of basically intense hours of voter shopping and searching for images and like. Let's say like you've come up with this grand idea you said Okay. We WanNa make a truck that has like a slide on the back of it and of course every client is just like okay. I don't know if that means that looks like so again. That's our job so now we have to find truck. I'm going like getty and search will be saying. Find the perfect trump than photoshop. That trucks make oreo brand. Let's say and then like like a giant Lindmeyer find another image of sly that still fits and then still have. It looks somewhat realistic. So I think that part can just be just such a time consuming thing because you can search for pictures for hours and you can get like stuck in like this whole hours and so. I think that that might be the most difficult part. Because how can you move fast but then awesome make something look as Nice so I think that's something I've really worked on this year to my speed with an offer to my craft and making sure that those two things go together so that can just be a little time consuming but like I said I think a lot of.

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