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Shows more concern for the country than its own leaders have another volunteer student Claddagh diva on If it wasn't for the government mismanagement, we wouldn't even be here, so we are finally taking things in our own hands. Many of the volunteers have long taken part in protests against government corruption. This week's tragedy only confirms the need for change. Ruth Sherlock NPR news The Air Force has a new top officer General Charles Q. Brown Jr. He's the first African American to serve as a military chief, and he'll be the first black officer on the joint Chiefs since General Colin Powell left as chairman in 1993. NPR's Tom Bowman has more The general is known a Sikh you He's an F 16 pilot in the son of an army officer. He went through the R O. T C program at Texas Tech. And at the change of command ceremony today, General Brown paid tribute to those black officers who came before him. From World War two through recent history. This is a very historic day for our nation. I do not take this moment lightly. Today's possible due to the perseverance of those who went before me. Goes like this Key chairman Ben Jamal Davis Jr. Chappie, James Charles McGee. African American leaders across our air force in our military. Is due to their trials and tribulations in breaking bears that I can address you today as the Air Force chief of staff. Back in June, following the death of George, Florida at the hands of Minneapolis Police General Brown released an emotional, deeply personal video about his own experiences as an African American man in military officer. I'm thinking about my air force career. Where I was often the only African American in my squadron. There's a senior officer, the only African American in the room. I think about wearing the same flight suit with the same wings on my chest is my peers. The main question by another military member. Are you a pilot? Brown also served in the Middle East, where he's credited with accelerating the fight against the Islamic state going after key targets like headquarters, logistics or banks. Like one in Mosul, Iraq that handed or payments to foreign fighters. More recently, he served there's a top air Force general in the Pacific, where he focused on China as a rising military power. That rise and how to deal with it will likely take up much of his time is Air Force chief. Tom Bowman. NPR NEWS The Pentagon civil engineer Chi Wang Sam spent the second half of his life in Chicago. He was 85 when he died there from covert 19 complications. In April, Sky began the first half of his life in Malaysia. His path to Illinois was an unlikely one and it started with a letter at that time pen power very, very popular. Everybody do a writing. They were happy to see somebody who would write. This is just to improve our English. That's all that's what we were doing. That's Liane. Sam Tai was her childhood pen pal. He's from glaciers, and I am from in donation. They exchanged letters for years, getting to know each other but mostly just trying to practice their English as they grew up. They stopped writing letters. Leanne went to the US to further her education. And Chi went to Australia. So we both went separate ways. But the same reason 15 years went by. Kai settled in Toronto and heard that Leanne ended up in Chicago. He called her up to say he wanted to visit. The two had never met in person before he opened his passport. He said. You know, you have to believe me. This is me. I said Okay. I believe you have a picture in your passport. From then on. They started a new kind of correspondence. They talked on the phone and visited each other. Eventually, they fell in love in pairs. We ended up marrying each other. They had a son named Li in Chicago, Kai worked as a building inspector. He also worked on the Deep Tunnel, a massive infrastructure project to solve water pollution problems in Cook County. Fittingly, chi enjoyed collecting stamps. And every day he hung out with a group of friends in the back of a Chinatown bakery there six hours talking about I do not know. What is it? When he comes home. Oh, I had such a good meeting very easy questions and get to know he loves people period. Leon Sam says she can still picture Chi coming through the door to their home to this day. I still miss. I wish he was walking around and talking about jokes and You're not giving me some advice I between a basement flood and the chaos of the pandemic. Leanne doesn't know exactly where those original pen pal letters are right now. But what she does know is those letters were really just the beginning of a connection that spanned borders, oceans and more than half a century..

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