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In fact, we found out what country star canceled by SNL. Getting a second chance. Damn it that is so proud. Last month, Morgan Wallace was set to make your Saturday night live debut, and he was excited, so excited. He went out partying the weekend before picture it up all over social media, him in bars, no masks, no social distancing, breaking covert protocols, so he was disinvited by the show he was bombed, Apologetic, said he needed to make changes in his life. Now he's getting a second chance. He's scheduled to be the musical guest next week. Tweeting out. Let's try this again. Jason Bateman will be the host Jason Nathan's an ABC NEWS Hollywood A recent survey on the state of anti Semitism in our country reveals many Americans aren't even familiar with the meaning of the term. I'm ELISA Jaffe with your camo extra Holly Health Nagel, The American Jewish Committee is US director for Combating anti Semitism, says Being anti Semetic is more than just the hostility or hatred toward Jews, she says. It's a perception that they could be connected to evils in the world. 6% of US adults. Not familiar with the term anti Semitism or have heard it but didn't know what it meant for in 10, members of the general public believe that anti Semitism has increased in the last five years, but that number is double for the American Jewish community who have gone through Pittsburgh Power a Monte Jersey city. These attacks eight in 10. American Jews believe it's increased, so there's a discrepancy really between the public and at the Jewish community, Hoofnagle says. Many American Jews now avoid public wearing, carrying or displaying of items that might reveal their religious identity. We're finding That one in three Jews in the past five years have hidden their identity as a Jew in an in America. We've also found that since the tree of life shooting in Pittsburgh two years ago, 56% of American Jews, synagogues or institutions have added new measures of security to make you feel safe when they worship ELISA Jaffe, and that's your camo extra. ABC News is next Stay safe. Seattle social Distancing and masks are important, but so is knowledge. Stay connected..

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