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With other indonesians it is not necessary come with me to the vet i say disease is slide away from me and i see she does not want to go but then she collects her bag i carry cordelia and we find a taxi i cannot drive and hold the dog also and deshea does not drive the taxi driver talks on his mobile the radio is low all in arabic does he sits with her hands folded on her bag cordelia it's very still in my lap i think about seeing that boy the first time when i was only a child before everything happened the crown of hair the dazzling is the bolt of understanding no don pujols at the vet's office i asked jesse to come to the back with me but she shakes her head she will wait the vet greets cordelia cheerful as before lazarus he says but i do not want more jokes i put her on the table the doctor examines her i press my hands together to stop the shaking i feel a skip in my heart and think of the wine i will have at lunch cordelia the doctor says stroking her to nip zim optel i play to cordelia looks for the source of the touch with her cloudy is the doctor says it might be time he says all the lines james suggested to him before about the diminishing quality of life i asked him to wait a moment i go out to the waiting room where desi is sitting with a girl with purple hair and a small diamond in her nose a big sheepdog lies at the girls feet it lifts it heavy head to look at me to see if i am a threat does he i say the vet says it's time will you come in does he shakes her head tears in her eyes i can't she whispers i can't see it don't make her the purple haired girl says she has a german accent it's terrible i was here two months ago with my old dog and.

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