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Saw and say you know. Trainload ballots five mazing. You know all commodore greatest hits off central like our leader dole. You know an online got on their theresa. Shane cut right. There were so nasty. He's on there all. I got amigos avenue national now. Yeah like okay. I keep looking. Jay z on now Got some eminem on their yellow brick road. I like that. That's my cut by him. I was naming Somebody asked me Family feud yesterday if i had to make a mount rushmore of hip hop artists. Who would it be. And i came up with my top four. Now listen to me. I will be the first one to tell you that. I am not qualified to discuss hipaa. I'm just gonna tell you that flat out so my top four rappers of all time probably make a real hip hop heads list. My well my. Here's my vote on mount rushmore. Five had to make it to pop. Jay z snoop. Oh yes and ale left you. Go there steve. Only nokhanya six records. He may yeah. I wasn't a big guy. So mount rushmore. Just four people. Tell me if you gave me five q would be on a junior interested jealousy. Joe joe z rapids. No okay. it doesn't matter because okay to par biggie. Jay z and I'm gonna say a josie. They can be upset on me up though they got to be up. I mean rap but they do rap sometime when they sang it every moment every moment every moment that rapid i'll take back. Yeah yeah ooh top-four for caller top. Mount rushmore mount rushmore. Look kim i gotta get a bill. Yes biggie hock. Jay z aaliyah. That's it that's good. I like that wanna bumble with the be calm ex. Oh eric griffin rock him. Ram iraq. Kim percy soupy or let's say you through denies cute. Don't be walk here is. Is it group rock. Him and there was a dj so important. Okay all right. Thank you guys coming up next the nephew the prank phone call right after this. You're listening to morning. Show coming up at the top of the hour right about four minutes after my strawberry letter for today the subject. I lost my girl over a glass of champagne. We'll get into that in a little bit but right now allows people before. But i ain't lost like that. Come back into what was what what how you do that. We'll get into it. We'll get into it right now. It's time for you nephew in today's prank phone call which you got for stinks. Well let's try but it just way too. Funky no no trace thing to it. You gotta okay when you funky funky five is way too hot. Okay you gotta hello. Hey i'm trying to i'm trying to raise swear. Yeah may day. are you doing man. I'm on. I wanna get neighbors. But i'm i'm one street over from you you overall You remember yeah. That's it this rico man how you doing. I'm i'm wondering your name was on the next. How're you doing. I'm doing. But i i you get another What maybe on black gave me the number man we were. We were Having a little situation wanted to reach out to you Some stuff going on here in the neighborhood man wanted to try to make you aware of what's going on but It seemed like You know the trash man run on on tuesday. Okay and saturday right now. The probably is that A lot of people. I guess the holiday just passed a lot of people. Got stuff out on On the curb already right right now. The problem is that they say man is that yoyo trash is actually really really filed it smell and smelling pretty bad and we wanted to call you man. If you don't know how long you say you gotta be because you train. Well yeah they say you're the one that's really seeking man if you could actually maybe put it in. Put it back in in the in the garage until tuesday. You know gerrad. That's why i put it out that i didn't have room in a garage. Okay well let's see. Who would anybody saying. I i listen i. I'm not saying you know what i wanted to tell you. If anybody in the hood got apply with my chance say okay. what what. what what. We discussed that to listen. Listen we don't want trouble man. We could just get you to put your trash back in. I'm not moving over. Pay rent over him i i. We don't go back. And i'm not going to go back but you're going to do. I'm telling you what. I take them just over here. Okay listen man. Aren't you concerned until tragedies thinking rican through the whole neighborhood. I don't give a damn who's ma'am i chance. If they got a problem with it take it out and saying okay. What did that's the problem. The problem is is that you took it out. You took it out too early tuesday morning and that'll put it out there saying come hit. I'm not to go back and forth but you may you. Don't you been call me telling me saying i pay rent over. Here okay How is everybody's been much at anybody. I don't know i i from my understanding. It's a couple of holes in it and some some food or something. I got out. I don't know if it wanted a row dog. Got into what the case may be but you know we need to try to get joe trez in the backyard. I ain't going no where and how come you to one to come in the navy. How come around.

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