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Green's dad is a very well respected private investing. So you know him. You know him? Well, I I know this hunter green the night he was drafted. I had him on and he talked about how his dad had always told him unless in in life was to be aware of who you surround yourself with be aware of your surroundings, and I'll never forget Hunter saying that that night. That he learned from his father. Well, Russell Green, the father of Hunter Green work for Johnny Cochran as a private investigator from the mid 19 nineties until Cochran's death in 25. And so there's the Cincinnati connection. Did you ever speak with Trevor Bauer while he was here about his performances off the field? Uh, no. Strangely, that did not come up. No did have him on the night He won the yoga ward. But as you can imagine, that was a conversation about baseball. So you have no knowledge. I want to get this on the record. You live in independence, also known as Pleasantville, Kentucky. You have no knowledge of anyone Trevor bar or otherwise beating up women with their consent. Strangling them with their own hair, then punching them into unconsciousness. That is something you're totally unfamiliar with. I am pretty comfortable and confident, saying I am unaware of such happening. Yes. All right. Let's talk about the rest of the month of July o or what? What? What Reds are coming onto the roster who have been hurt like Sims, et cetera. By the end of this month that will propel the Reds for the final two months. And I'm not gonna I'm not gonna let you alone on that issue because I think there's something there but anyway. Well, who do the Reds have coming to them? Well, it's a list that as long as your arm and what's going to be interesting is how they incorporate all of them. Now they're not all going to be back at the same time, and there's no saying that there's no guarantee that the guys who are currently healthy won't be hurt down the road. But Moose is going to come back. Michael Stock, Nixon bills coming back T J and Tone coming back. Lucas Sims, Michael Lorenzen, potentially Alex Blandino, Um The team. The team the team is coming back. Yes, I mean that supportive. I cannot the other day numbers of 10 guys who could be back. As far as I know. It's still at 26 300 monster, so there's going to be decisions to be made. What grade? Do you give the Reds manager David Bell. I think he's done a hell of a job. I think the bigger question is about an extension because his contract is up after this season. I think there's no question David Bell has earned an extension from this team what he's done under these circumstances, with little help to begin the season from a third place team a year ago. Keep in mind to the losses suffered in season losing Sonny Gray for a while losing here. We've got over a while Losing guys left it right for a while. We just ran through the list. Willie, Here's Your Stat of the day. They started this season. This is from listener. Jeff who passed this on to me. They started the season 24 29 24 29 Write that down. Oh, let me write that down. 24 29 American Hold on. You got there. That's uh, that's Tony Perez number and also Herm Winningham is number. Come on. You're slowing the showdown Since then they've gone 24 13 Look at that. Look how those numbers look. I say I got 24 29. Yep. Now I got 24 13 Wilt Chamberlain's number 24 13 is that correct? That is said that a dramatic turnaround that is a dramatic a deft touch of this team of being able to steer and navigate through all the turbulence of this season to have this team just four games down the division clearly 3.5 back of the Padres in the second wild card right now, let's talk philosophically. The account was one and two. The base is reduced. Castillo is on the mound, and he throws a 97 mile per hour fastball that splits the top of the zone. The ball goes right into the strike zone. And the empire is is mute doesn't say a damn thing. Fortunately, the next pitch 97 on the outside corner about his swung and missed. As a baseball need the automatic strike zone. Much like tennis went away from the John Macaron tantrums because now you say, let's go to the tape. Here it is. It's in and out. Nobody can look at 25 Mile prior served and say, if the quarter inch and a quarter inch out you can't throw 97 Mile pro fastball that's a half an inch and a half an inch out. Should baseball go to the automatic strike zone? Well, I've filed under. Be careful what you wish for because I've seen horror stories of that system gone haywire. But having watched the umpiring crew involved with the Reds and brewers for the previous four days, my goodness, I mean, if you go back to it was Thursday night, and they all run together. The home plate umpire, Brian O'Nora. He missed. Let's see. I'm trying to remember off the top of my head. 23 balls technically balls he called strikes that night. Think about that 20 balls that were out of the strike zone. He called strike. There were three technically strikes that he called balls. He was a disaster. And in a day and age, where they're throwing the ball harder than ever before, with more break than ever before, I think we can all except it's tough to call balls and strikes. The technology is there I tend to lean towards technology as a helper, but man, it's a can of worms to help the Reds. Castillo I'm sorry Castle Honest on the three run homer. The pitch before the three run. Homer was a strike Two strike him out, and the Empire called it a ball. Then the next pitch he launched the entire course of the National American League in the World Series changed on that one call because of a mistake that's got to be corrected. And well, I'll give you another call that I loved. And I bet you you can hearken back to your days of Thomas funeral home where you knew the rules..

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