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Hi Jim Shoka must with Watch out for the postpartum depression writer suffer. Obviously a huge number of problems when it comes ready one of the biggest courses when you actually get done writing. Whatever you're trying to right I mean it's you could have that big problem of just completed something even if it's just a first draft while you're who is GonNa feel a little bit depressed. I mean up is you've basically just creating something anytime you just read. Something Hewlett actually go out into the world. Do something while there's always going to be a little bit of depression following that and hugely just no real way to do it that depression rates in the near. I mean even just got all this me. You're feeling he could be your feeling of compliment. You've got this feeling of done. And the fact that meter feeling of. Oh my gosh what's net you know Asian streaming up. There's a lot of similarity between getting birth and wealth finishing a book. And like you said even if it's just a first draft issues is going to be a lot of really weird emotion you're going to have to deal with and because if you need to find some sort support in order to deal with that issue straight up this is one thing you're not going to deal with on on your own. You need somebody to actually be there to say. Hey it's GONNA be fine. Is You get better and of course you need somebody to tell you. It's time to work on the editing as needed related deaths. Fine you need to feel all that emotional released. It's part of the process is at part relation. You decided hey I've done all I can let me take a break. Highest need to get out of the house or a second Immunity basically charge right back on it. It's just like it. You know just because you all of a sudden have. Your kid doesn't mean you have to stop being a parent. Yes I know. It's really algae but trust there's a lot of really emotional similarities between basically writing a book and having Kit. Because that definitely we get done writing a book you're GONNA have to need seek some foreign postpartum depression help. Please check out web coming from these interviews broadcast shooter in your youth. Thank you have a great day?.

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