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The Sheboygan Lutheran administrators apparently decided that the content was inappropriate. And they told the kid that. He could not deliver the address and the salutatorian instead. Gave the commencement address, as I said, the stories reported today on the Sheboygan press. I'm going to quote, some of the paragraphs in their story net worth. That's the kid graduated at the top of boykin Lutheran high school class, but didn't give a speech at graduation Friday. Like he planned worth said the school administration after reading a draft of his speech removed references about his struggle as a gay student at ones that critiqued, biblical scriptures critical of homosexuality as outdated mistranslated or misinterpreted in their respectively, biblical, cultural and historical context. Worth said he told the administration he would work with them to take the parts out. They didn't like and to make the speech something on which they could agree. But the ultimately told him, he wouldn't be speaking at graduation, instead, the collapse salutatorian delivered an address during the commencement ceremony. It was kind of difficult to watch this literary and speech without giving my own worth said he said it wasn't the first time he ran into issues with school administration last year. He was not allowed to join the dance team even though the coach approved he said, meanwhile, we're set a female student joined the football team for the team at the school is primary is obviously girls unit he wanted to join it. They wouldn't let him and he said, look, they let a girl be on the football team. Why couldn't I be on the dance team? It seems to me like that's valid question that, yes, the executive director of Sheboygan Lutheran, para Sheboygan Lutheran, Paul. Spill. G. G N, A N. And I'm going guess that's gonna declined to speak about where speech or his attempt to join the dance team saying student and family issues handled confidentiality he wouldn't confirm valedictorian. Usually gives a speech at graduation. The worth said that, that's the case. But, but did say a Lutheran participates in coop sports with other schools Lutheran, he said hasn't had a student. Join a team of different gender for which they were the lead school. What asked if Sheboygan Lutheran head Eddie policies on LGBTQ issues going on said the school's policies are based on biblical principles quote. There are policies in our handbook the talk about our faith and our belief system. And what it's based. Now the headline on the story. Sheboygan Luthan valedictorians, his speech was nixed because he wrote about being gay. Well, that's accurate. It would also equally be accurate. To run a headline that states that Sheboygan Lutheran. Stands up for its religious principles in not allowing the Victorian deliver speech, contrary to them. I have some thoughts on this..

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