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Bottom of the first inning here at Coors Field, the Giants and 10 men to the plate and score four times. So the Rockies We'll have to find a way to energize their offense for this one. Primal Toppy is serving as the D h today leads it off. And Logan Webb gets Strike at the upper into the zone on the outside. Four top eah. Primal, really playing well working on a five game hitting streak. Fastball is Hye Won and won. He's popped his batting average up to 306. I had a double knocked in a couple last night. He's got 10 R B eyes on the season. 11 at his feet, two balls and a strike. And and and three quarter arm delivery with a changeup. Web finds the strike zone evens accounted to and do 23 year old out of the Sacramento area. Some time with the Giants last year, making eight starts down the stretch now part of their rotation Start Number eight forum today. 22 way outside, and Barnett to come out of his crouched. Reach out and grab it. Get an.

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