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Of the broken Edwards at Madison a sinkhole on river road going outbound between Idaho and Ed your street as the left lane blocked, and looking play still blocked both directions between Hewlett and thirteenth to that landslide. Last week Jason Earhart on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w ladies forecast. From the train heating and cooling weather center on News Radio seven hundred wwl as we continue our repeating patterns of brain at a few strong storms today cross a tristate Heisel top out near eighty rain in some storms developing lows near sixty three Thursday cloudy morning rain scattering out during the day high in the upper seventies from your severe weather station. I'm meteorologist or Johnson News Radio seven hundred wwl w. Our show scattered showers in northern Kentucky. We have seventy three degrees right now in Cincinnati. the official dedication is friday when i four seventy one is going to be named for the late jim bunning former lawmaker and major league baseball star who was from southgate he is the tenth to be murdered in the past month in cincinnati cincinnati police have i._d. the eighteen year old who was shot overnight in the twenty five hundred block of hanford place in south fairmount he is eighteen year old rammer reese abernathy no arrests yet san francisco inching closer to becoming the first american city to ban e cigarettes part of an ongoing effort to curb team tobacco use duke energy wants input on big plans they have in boone county public hearing set for four o'clock this afternoon at florence christian church on duke's plans to lay some transmission lines and build a couple of new substations those transmission lines will extend up to three miles long and energy company wants Input on possible. Routes deadly. Fires in Ohio, the past twenty four hours in licking county, east of Columbus. Three people dead, including a six year old boy, farther east in Kazakhstan county, three children killed in a fire there and a fourth injured. It happened in a barn. Rob Bron started a channel twelve back in nineteen Eighty-four has been a top anchor and news reporter.

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