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Is not. We're not letting him. We're building leaving him. A house citing arrowhead so that he never leaves the stadium. He can vacation Tennessee because he owns the titans he can do. He really the Texans. I mean we could go on and on but I think I think that that moment was like more to me just like a reality that what we have in Kansas City not just now forever for the next fifteen years you've got the best player in actual he special hosmer didn't take a much longer to to move on you know. His his time in Kansas City was up. He's a small all marketing. That's different here in Kansas City with football and everything. I think that's kind of how that means what that means to me. I'M GONNA start. Read some tweets off just because we need to give some people some love because the bunch of people responded. I might just read them and then when I want you guys to actually answer some questions. We'll just we'll just jump into him but I think we need to also give some people some time here to to kind of have their moments in the sun a little bit. I guess Let me let let me let this load up real quick. Let's see here K.. Govender said your cry. Yeah I I did who asked in cried the heart I didn't I did not cry. Done Arrowhead honest Arrowhead Tom. Who did anyone about me I? I was definitely not. They're not done or not done yet. I look at it. I was all for it. I will ball like a baby when they win the Super Bowl AFC championship. That ain't it. We got one more. I I cried a little bit when when mahomes through through the third six touched on Sammy I cried when norm kissed it a little bit. Kiss Kiss the field bit There's probably I don't know I was a little bit emotional. It was it was. It was pretty emotional for me. Josh Josh Jayhawk Josh Asks How was Mike Panel inactive in week ten I mean it clearly is going to go out is one of the wonders of the season Seeming House. He is played in. How good he he was in this game and how good? He's been all year again at the time out mistake. The thought process seemed to be. You're going to be beating a bad titans team in your little bit more pass rush. We know. Now We know this time playoff game need to make big plays specially against Iran. You know who to call Mike Panel. Baby I listen. Joey Ivy was an active. Mike Fennell was active in this this game. So that should tell you that the wrong was righted. The chiefs cut Terrell suggs out of this deal and they made the Super Bowl and they got got to play two games at home. We dwell on Mike Fennell being inactive in that titans game. It's all it's all gone. Let's we done. We done with that nonsense cents. So many people have added me today about Joey Voice. I maybe I don't no no wasted motion. Ask what percent of Children Board on November in Kansas City will be named Patrick Ninety percent. Yes we are yes who cried the hardest us two questions that are kind of similar. Techno Brad did winning the AFC live up to your expectations because it exceeded mine. He says market zero trick. Quick one asks is it feels good. You thought it would. Yes India I think going into the year I definitely out the chiefs would be in this position. There was some highs and lows throughout throughout the year but I never really thought that they would not be heavy chance to win. This go into the playoffs said it multiple times they are the most talented team in the AFC. It's at close. They don't shoot themselves in the foot. They win we did just that but still just the feeling of getting to see them when them actually going to the Super Bowl after we were so oh close last year yet trumped. What I thought it was going to be in? It's still settling and now is we're what four or five hours after the game. It's still just now registering. What's about out to happen as I book my flights and hotel in Miami to be there when the chiefs go on to win the Super Bowl Mattie is going by the way he he he was tweeting us after the? He's definitely going for me during the during the game for your for me. I yeah it definitely exceeded it because when we were talking about this team this last off season we had hoped for the defense we had hoped for a change but largely. We believe that this was going. You're going to be a very offensively driven team that you're hoping we're mahomes scores fifty one that the defense can hold the forty nine fine basically. That's that's what it was kinda coming up this off season. The defense came together. This is the most complete team that we've seen in a long time in Kansas City. Possibly ever in my lifetime your make your old jokes as you see fit but I very very pleased I with what. They did the way that they've come together. The the mentality of this team. I Love Frank Clark. I love Tire Matthew. Patrick Mahomes Travis. Kelsey those guys weren't losing that game and it was awesome to watch and it was awesome to watch them get it in control and basically know ooh early enough in the game you know with fourth quarter started. We knew it was over. The titans weren't going to be able to come back from that so it was amazing to sit there and just come out really you enjoy all of it while it was happening ray has to ask. Thank you arrowhead. Pride for willing the team to Miami. I think my question Shen is full. Can't have anything to rant about before the Super Bowl. Yeah I have a couple of things that are probably going to hit in the next couple of weeks. I already know something that I'm very irritated. -tated about it has something to do with someone that isn't here anymore and we'll be there in Miami playing the cheese in a couple weeks. I I have some things. I have some thoughts. We're going to save it because we're really trying not to talk about the forty niners. We're not really talking about that. Too Much The the chiefs are going to have to never mind Not Ford yet. Not Today. Today we won't look forward yet. We're we're not looking for it. Hey Ken mobile going to be a Ford or Chevy Corey Peter Asks was there magical. was there actual magic involved. In the Patrick mahomes touchdown run. Yes there was a real magic because he is magic. He is showtime and he is is the best player in the world. And it's not even close in anyone who pretended anyone pretended otherwise needs to just hand their cards over and turn in whatever resigned from whatever job. Resign skip go away. SKIP BUM dared freeland. I never doubted that she would win. But what are the factors actors leading to the slow start of the game okay. Let's talk about that. Why not I couldn't give any real factors? We've had two playoff games now that she's come out more than say they look flat latte. Just you have a couple of penalties a couple of concentration drops and then you get yourself a little bit of a whole. I think to start the year. We did see this on the defensive end. A little bit Steve. SPAGNUOLA takes a quarter a quarter and a half. He kind of settles in after that he sees what audiences doing than he figures out attack it then he figures out Wendy US tendency breakers the what they're trying to do and how we can take away to. That's what the defense is. Slow start offensively. It's just you see what the chiefs are doing. It's working Estrada's on third down. That gets in the way. It's a penalty here penalty. They're just little mental mistakes and as you go forward especially in the Super Bowl. You can't keep having those but I don't think there's anything in particular to worry worry about other than the fact as long as the chief keep the game close. We've seen. They're never going to be out of it yet. It's just cleaning up that that stuff. They were a Chris. Jones false all start penalty Alba shod Bruin defensive. Pass interference away from essentially eliminating those touchdowns and one of them would have resulted in a field goal. So that's you gotta clean that up. Frank Clark had one as well. Xavier Williams is just cleaning up some of the little things. It's it's eerie to think about how much this game would have switched and just kind of washed completely to the chief side if they if they had played a clean game. I know we've said that all year long they play a clean game. They play a good game then. Nobody can stop them. I still believe that we're starting to see them. Play Cleaner Games and cleaner games and our situations where we can harp on a couple of penalties here and there and the chiefs are still winning by double digits because they they are playing so much better than they were earlier in the season. So I just think yeah it. There wasn't anything philosophically really different. They just I didn't start as sharp as they finished. And I mean they still figured it out. I mean they got they got they got it figured out pretty quick early on the the difference in the game was the first drive. The chiefs were bad in the first you know first strategy game the titans went down and got a feel so early on the difference in the game was was really just that so I mean not. They'll they'll clean some things up. They'll be fine. I don't think they're gonNA start a slow but who knows I mean at this point who knows. We're gonNA take a break. Mike and we will be back with more questions comments. Enjoy right after this Jillian.

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