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Rights what's your reaction to what happened last week the you know it's there was talk is a symbol of these anti gay propaganda we tease Senate foreign not too many weeks or months but for many years by many politicians and and Copley Turchin representatives and say and did this is a result of many although or angst so which we were facing for recent years Alan Keyes one of the few countries in European Union we now register cotton sheets now hate crimes protection now anti discrimination legislation all sexual education and on the other side Poland he's also facing a huge straps and well organized the man at anti LGBT I actions yeah well you probably have heard about the newspaper recently distributing stickers so people who have called to disconnect our GPT free zones likely to sign on the I don't want to make too close comparisons between Jewish people before the second World War and and so on down fifty localities we treat passed legislation declaring that they region is free from as G. P. T. I. ideology so there are many examples of fuel welding these anti gay propaganda and there was talk became does a symbol of eight I'm Robert stay there because judging you listen with great interest to that and noting as as Robert spoke at any one thing the first thing that strikes me is of course that the fact that you were elected as a gay politician this is clearly not then opposes the whole who who are happy to to to vote for someone who is gay this is certainly up up up about the authorities and we know that the the ruling lord justice party did have a focus on on migrants that was the rallying cry that's that was that that that campaign platform my concern she won it the last election there aren't that many migrants who look different in Poland and not as an issue has kind of gone away and I guess that this is just the new hate for people to focus on the with at that the thing to to bring those those far right those populace together under one umbrella I mean I I looked up to I say love but I I am amazed by that campaign symbol that that campaign at that had number red lead with the potty logo protecting the family from rainbow rain it was just a polling but that I absolutely concentrates I think what this messages that that Lauren justice party will make sure your children are not contaminated this is an appalling situation to live in but I don't think that it represents the majority of the feeding of old repulsed of it I I fully agree with you it does not represent the majority of people also what you'll see that the support for that registered partnerships majority of Polish people he's in favor of introducing these kind of legislation there were also recently like twenty main gate tried some gain marches around the island in all sixteen viable cheap and we see also the growing grassroots movements also educate the movement so but these ease of that that that you had to be T. R. E. show is a polarizing short at the edge and is another scapegoat for for the ruling party before as you said there were any grants and now they are and it gave people and so many call these people also when it did that a young unsuspecting Skeeter of law and justice party when he says that would be seized he he needs to protect the nation from the west of decadence from six well he's a send off to drain I quote then many people have the sterile sites connecting you feel our week's a week's gay people and it was and so on so that it doesn't stop there when you are a conservative police the politician and you use these records you test mobilize your constituency or LX right Robert thank you for coming on Robert B. and remember the European Parliament speaking to his life on the line from war sorts twenty four minutes past the hour we're gonna win the program by talking about cycling but not just any old cycling it's the final stage of the tour France today again by now is poised to become the first Columbian to win the competition and given that the final stages is all rather more polite unless he falls off he's going to win we joined on the line from Paris by Hugh Schofield that's pretty much the some of it is in the queue yeah I know as you say every loss day is of some triumphant process into Paris it today from a real movie a so they'll have a I was without for forty kilometer drive a ride from the through the woods and then those suburbs in into Paris and then the salute surround the center of Paris but the one world challenging going back now is a sprint finish of the report to the sprint is but but I'm not does not affect the general classification which will be won by a gone by now that this twenty two year old from Columbia who did win a single stage in the race but through and you know the exceptional tactics on the part of the TV in the US team and through his evidence gift and he's very very young emerges as you know right if the future the question about him at the walls talk wasn't there a few days ago of a possible French win well that this is being the great excitement here and usually half asleep who is the great hope of fronts will finish only in fifth about two days ago he's still the yellow Jersey any tell on to it for was it thirteen or fourteen days and the minute the talk in front is really over that and her on how he and Pino who's another ride the in the in the running right up to two days ago what it really takes him like they one of them could win and and districts which going back in there for thirty five years of drugs not winning it's a race since but not you know in in nineteen eighty five women regardless of that it was an exceptionally interesting and exciting tool but for French people I think probably for people around the world it was fans around the world it was made all the more exciting because the French person have wanted and it was really only well two days tape two days ago on Friday the that it became clear that I'll definitely be done absolutely one that is through the tool and it never really set that as being a prospect for winning a need only at the last minute did you start to crack and Yemen yesterday coming up to bell told us it was obvious that he was not going to make it to the for you fell way way back in the classification but he and Peter between them really did make this a very very exciting to that I'm a non seventy tens I didn't have time to watch three weeks of racing I tend to stop watching the last week and normally it's actual exciting because it's already been settled but this happened being settled it was you know it really went down to the wire and it made it a very very exciting race I'll come back to you for fun would eleven brief thoughts in the studio if you would AT and whether either of you a cycling experts I have another chance to Oscar he is your opportunity to add that in either direction they handed that over to George I think that's in there is because I think you can probably tell I'm quite like Chris phobic and I don't like yellow it's not my color you however David did confess earlier to not only being a cyclist but of rule breaking fight that's yes action when it comes from you know getting to place to place I'm all for second but the tour de France would be beyond me really yeah but it's it's a long way there's some big hills basically Hugh I mean for those who on sort of necessary following it on a on an annual basis just just borders Paris feel like on this particular day of the year well well July is first will drive the cattle GA with it but the but the best you'll parade and then two weeks later it's the it's the end of the voter fraud the two very big days which please see off the hood of the center and and and you have this parade through the center of town in in in one cases emoji parade in in in the other it's this very colorful you really have to watch visual feast as as these riders part through the beautiful city down the avenues and round the bus like Concord across the river you know till mass for the sound of the king of the wheels and and the Russians they gave Boston people turned out to watch it I have to say in recent years when I've been up initial release date it it tends to more tourists and French people actually watch it because tourism has colonizes center parents of force me to get me but does that but I don't know time is up what.

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