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Will do that <hes> <hes> as far as what the future holds running for any sort of political office. I mean you try to move through life without blinders on map so <hes> if i'm not going to write off anything i mean if if i get the opportunity to run for political office and if it's the right thing for my family you know <hes> you know maybe i'll maybe i'll consider that are doing it but right now it's like i got three little kids that that i need to be involved in their lives. Every day. You know if i ran for political office and ended up becoming a congressman congressman or something someday. I'd seen him like two or three days a week. You know and that's right now. This is not acceptable to me so it's gotta be there for them. I <hes> but if i get the opportunity down the line who knows man <hes> although although i have to say the idea of like being in congress or running for the senate does make my stomach because i feel like the moment you're elected. You're almost part of the problem and so that's why that's why i always say like i can serve the country like an advocate for the things that i believe in what i believe is best for the country without a title and i will always continue to do that yeah so cool yeah and all out war drops today here what type of <hes> appearances you're going to be making anywhere. The <hes> senior you coming up soon here yeah yeah well you could probably you could probably go back and three my appearance on fox and friends and they'll probably be unmarked mccowan later in the week <hes> and you can look at me like a couple of other podcasts and and stuff you check my social media you know on twitter at a sean parnell you with a instagram official sean parnell and you can check me out on facebook and all my parents will be there okay very cool and i'm gonna include a link in the distributor of this podcast episode so my listeners can get over there ram a copy. I do see that c k dedication of because that's something special there. We're going to let the dog without a what so the dedication the dedication for all out war is to anyone that's ever gone to uniform and defense of this country <hes> our military oh -tary in first responders the book all out war is dedicated to you okay very cool all right <hes> last thing. I want to hear sean. I love to ask gonna podcast. This is your second goal around so <hes> we'll see you got here. What type of advice do you happen. I knew dad orphan father. Who's out there listening. You know just be there for your kids. You know right right now like i like your kids need you now more than ever as a father and you need to be the active <hes> and not detached involved in not detached and so you know don't be afraid to sit down and talk to their children really talk to develop a relationship with your can't talk to them about what they love what they hate. You know what what they're afraid of. <hes> what you know. It's just developing. A relationship with your children is everything you don't get a second crack at it so work just as hard hard on that work just as hard on developing a relationship as you would a new job and i feel like we do that or pay off dividends. <hes> you know ten twenty years down the lines you watch your kids. Hitch grow yeah very well said i love the message. It's been an honor to have you back on the podcast here showing part now. You're a first-class father. Thank you so much for giving me a few minutes at times personally fatherhood uh-huh yes thanks man. I appreciate being back and hopefully we'll be back for a third year yeah. I'd be honored to have you back from a three here. It's been a pleasure speaking with you today. I'll be right back with a a couple of calls and thoughts in just a second here back to wrap things up here first fatherhood. I have to give a special. Thank you once again to sean parnell for giving me a few minutes of his time here so awesome. Please make sure you grab a copy of his new new book all out war tomorrow on the.

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