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And it's and it's mean like, you know, they've had some pretty good individual. Players, you know, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. But but you need more than two or three guys in order to compete in the big twelve and they just they just haven't had enough, you know, above average players on their teams to be competitive, even with the the lower rung big programs. All right. Give me a number ten nine six five four three two four before. All right four. We're going to Ames Iowa State proof that I a pretty down program with a good higher and some investment can turn things around. I think Brock Purdy went six and one this past year as a starter. And with that the clones have had specific breakthrough talent on both sides of the ball. Akeem Butler, Joe landing a couple years ago. David Montgomery, who've I mean, these guys have come and gone these past couple years, but do you expect I wha state to go from recruiting? Do they go from having two three four? Four of those types of guys two four five six seven eight nine of those guys. I think so. And and I think Whiteley, you know, they they lose a couple of their headliners. You mentioned Montgomery and Butler, you know, to be sure, but they bring back the bulk of what was the best defense in the big twelve last year, you know, bunch of guys that are all big twelve caliber Brock Purdy. You know was arguably the freshman of the year in the big twelve this past season. I mean, I was state only lost one game of before the bowl with him at quarterback which was the game in Austin. They you know, I don't know if you saw the Washington table game. But I mean, they ended every opportunity to win that was a terrific game. And you know, I would say showed that, you know, a lot of people felt like until the end at least Washington was the class of the Pac twelve and you know, they showed they belong in that game. So I I'm very bullish on you know, I was state, especially. With Purdy on in his development. He was talking about Texas earlier in their quarterback issues. The problem. I status had basically cynical lawless. You know years ago is that it looks like they've got their quarterback of the future and import ever reason it does it carry over and Joe landing was that guy then moved to linebacker because of. Somebody else. And and you know, they've had a lot of moment. The they've got a lot of moments with quarterback empty podcast. Yeah. He has the injury. So now, it's Brock Purdy. I think that would Campbell and and offense it infrastructure that they have I feel pretty good about pretty chances to become a really good player. Not only in the big twelve but college football in general, but that is something that that they they have to ask the question. They have to answer that that's really held them back from you know, being indication bowl team to I could consistent, you know, eight nine win team, you know, every other year that they are kind of knocking on the door, become and under MAC people. Are they a benefit Sherry and this is to their credit for taking advantage? Are they the beneficiary of a lot of inconsistency and unrest in the sort of middle class of the big twelve with, you know? Texas Tech, and TCU and Baylor and Kansas state all inexplicably having pretty disappointing last couple years. Yeah. Although, you know, they eat I it's not like they had just beaten up on the middle tier teams. True. I got the game a couple years ago. When one of the most like unforeseen upsets, I think I've ever been where. You know, I was big O's to Norman with their four string quarterback and be Baker Mayfield at Oklahoma. In Norman, you know, team that would go to the playoff, and and, you know, have an overtime away from playing for the national championship..

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