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Substance was reportedly found their pro-jo reports the lockdown at the Cranston facility lifted on Sunday. That's according to the State Department of corrections spokespersons so it finally kind of trickled down into the news cycle Rhode Island state police investigating these Saturday incident. So the investigation continues. However, the lockdown has been waved at the women's unit of the a CI. Well, I see where we're finally going to have a debate Cathy greg- in today's Providence Journal says fresh off her own democratic primary win governor Raimondo's agreed to face GOP nominee, Allan Fung. The mayor of Rhode Island's second largest city. The Republican turned independent Joe Trillo is going to the dance to this is the first televised debate of the two thousand eighteen campaign for governor as you know, both Fung and Raimondo refused to debate their primary opponents on television. The debate will begin at seven pm Thursday September twenty seventh circle it be there. Aloha in the global heritage hall on Roger Williams, universities Bristol campus. That's going to air live on. I witness news on channel twelve I participated as one of the panelists in a channel six debate. That was held there too. It's a great atmosphere, Roger Williams, universities Bristol campus. They have a live audience there. So while there are other candidates for governor on this ballot. The vice president and general manager of eyewitness news. That's Pat, holy. He told the pro-jo that the stations. Following guidelines adopted by its parents company Nexstar broadcasting in deciding which candidates would be invited to take part in the debate. In other words, you gotta gotta make certain criteria to be a part of all this pro-jo says another potential door opener for candidates who meet some but not all of the criteria. The candidates have received at least five percent of the potential primary vote or ten percent of the potential general election vote in quote and established professionally conducted nonpartisan poll who would ever do that. Or a minimum of twenty percent of the actual votes for the same officer or a comparable office in the last four years that's called CYA people. And I understand that you know, you go buy your your company's rules and regulations, and you are all set you have covered your fanny if you know what I'm saying. So my guess is those are the three who will be competing Governor Gina Raimondo. Allan Fung, Joe Trillo competing in the debate. I should say participating the rest will be competing gubernatorial candidate set to debate September the twenty seventh. So that should be interesting. Meantime, surfers are being urged. To be awfully vigilant. After the second shark attack off Cape Cod is your big difference between our waters and those have Cape Cod. Some surfers seem to think. So here's Steve Neilson. From eyewitness news. I Ryan Littman has been surfing Narragansett for twenty five years. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's just really sad. Really sad thing. He liked the rest of us heard the news this weekend that Arthur Medici was bitten by a shark on both legs and well fleet and died. Authorities say he was boogie boarding with friends just a few miles away from where another swimmer was bitten by a shark earlier this summer on the Cape to attacks. I think we could be concerned that it's a dangerous situation marine biologist. Greg skull mall says the sharks follow the seals and the Cape to feed we see these sharks everyday along this coastline. They are. They're in big numbers. And and people have to be vigilant and be aware of it. Yeah. Cape is a different story. You know? It's it's much closer to deeper water. The seals migrate right past the Cape. Leeuwin says local surf. Offers in Rhode Island aren't nearly as concerned as they would be in the Cape in more than two decades. He says he's never seen a white shark in the water here, you can easily go, you know, we're only our many miles fifty miles from the cave white. We must be in the same risk profile is they are. But that's just not the case and school says out on the Cape. They are looking into these shark attacks right now and making sure swimmers are advised that this doesn't happen again. At a Steve Nielsen from eyewitness news that has some pretty frightening stuff. And I'll tell you what you wouldn't have to tell me to temps to stay off the beach there. Wow. So yesterday, Stephen FOSS kit in the Worcester telegram and gazette. So I say the word Worcester. And you know, where I'm going in an afternoon that saw plenty of sports metaphors tossed around the common city manager there Edward Augusta's. He dug deep Monday for the city's celebration of the pending arrival of triple a baseball. I was watching some of the TV coverage of this last night. And it was kind of awkward very awkward. You know, because you you're doing a report about how this big. Celebrations going on in Worcester. But in the same breath, you know, they're pulling the PawSox outta here to go there. So how to cover this thing? You know, I wouldn't have covered it in such a joyous way. If you ask me, but then again, and that's just me thousands to turn off the event which featured several Red Sox legends, including Dwight Evans and Pedro Martinez. So they were rolling out the guns. Also, Jerry Randy was there any looked pretty good which is good news because he's being treated for cancer. So we told you the first televised debate has been announced for the primary winners in Rhode Island's governor's race. And also for the independent democratic incumbent Gina Raimondo to tan Republican challenger Ellen fun. Go at it again along with independent Joe Trillo all set to debate at Roger Williams, university Bristol campus, seven o'clock on September, the twenty seventh debate to be aired on I witness news. Tim white will moderate that Tim does such a great job at these things and these things difficult. They are not easy debate controlling a debate is not an easy thing to do. And this should be an interesting one among those three democrat incumbent Gina Raimondo, the two-time Republican challenger Ellen Fung, and Joe Trillo, who's not a bashful guy. So that should be very very interesting Patrik Andersson of the pro-jo says sexual assault allegations against US supreme court nominee. Brad kavanagh. Have brought very different responses from Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and his Republican challenger in the upcoming election as former judge Robert Flanders White House who sits on the Senate Judiciary committee poised to confirm Cavanaugh said Sunday that the committee should pause to hear the allegations. Brought forward by a professor who says she was attacked in high school by president Donald Trump's pick. And of course, both the accuser and cavenaugh will testify on Monday. Now says here White House says I admire the courage that she has shown in coming forward with a story. Her name is Christine Ford, by the way. She's a professor White House said in a statement this requires a pause at a minimum in the unseemly special interest. Funded rush to put bread Cavanaugh on the court Kavanagh's blanket denial cannot be reconciled with her specific recollections and the FBI needs time to take proper witness statements. He says lying to the FBI an agent in a formal interview is a crime, and it's an impeachable offense. Will thanks for pointing that out. Flanders initially dismissed the allegations against cavenaugh as uncorroborated allegations uncharged and uncomplaining of misconduct. That are quote, not a sufficient basis to delay much less derail his confirmation to the supreme court, but on Monday, the former state supreme court Justice issued a new statement bringing up former democrat Senator Al Franken, but changing his position to say the judiciary committee should here for story. He said the last minute nature of these decade old allegations raised real questions about well. Sheldon Whitehouse new and what he knew it. Now that we know Democrats and reporters have had this information for some time today agree with Senator Graham that the committee should hear directly from the accuser. So the public can. Know, all the facts. And that's what's going to happen. Come monday. So those two are going back and forth. That's going to be interesting race Flanders against White House. I think so after a heated debate in a hearing yesterday in north Smithfield, the town council there has okayed a Nike proposal check this one out and tell me if this makes a heck of a lot of sense to you here is she analyst pseudo from eyewitness news. Yes..

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