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Let me tell you what else brings me great joy. And that also fun to be hilarious. The Houston Rockets. Now right fast. Before I forget, I don't know if you saw this game but I was interviewed by the New Yorker. Yes. I did see that. Yes, aims that if you're critical of a writer on television as a great way to wind up getting Cuban. But now I was the guy who did the is e China he did the interview Jalen rose about the analytics and then you know, I talked about it people saw it, and then he talked to me about, you know, some of those same issues, and he is a big rockets fan. My thing with Iraq is in the way that they do. Things has always been. They don't pay attention to people stuff that the actual the ways the human beings interact matter. And that is the stuff that your data driven analysis is not going to give you an it's still has a real value. Darrow, Maury has made some moves over the course of time with rockets were I felt like no matter what the numbers told him, you look at it and be like, nah, that's gonna be a bad idea, homey, because of people stuff, one that immediately jumps to mind is when they brought Ty Lawson end to be the point guard. Like they had a team that needed a grownup really badly. And they brought in the least grownup person that you could possibly imagine to be the point God. And then they had to cut them out tiles, and even in the NBA anymore. And I was like, oh, man, if you knew anything about people, you know, that this was not going to wind up being the right move as oh. Then they made the decision to bring Chris Paul in with James harden. And I remember I was like so who's supposed to be in charge here. Because if Chris Paul does on your team, Chris Paul is in charge. That's the only way that Chris Paul knows how to live. That's the only way Chris Paul knows how to exist. He is the guy who was in charge now, James harden, and never really demonstra. Noted that he had much of a personality to indicate that he needed to be in charge, how ever at that point. He was clearly a better player than Chris Paul. Can you be Chris Paul? And kin you be in charge. If you're not the best player that's a question that you got to ask on the front end. And if you're a rock, it's now I understand why it is that you might have decided when they make their tray. We just went up to take that risk and figure it out. I see why you might do that. I just want to know what odds you had placed on this because the likelihood of this happening, as it is right now, for the rockets was sky, high, like, Tim McMahon road piece ferocity peon about the rockets and he said, one thing is that Chris Paul tries to coach James harden, which James harden. Absolutely does not like right. That actually it was interesting for me to read that because I was like I have a tendency to do that. But he does not like being coach. And I think he doesn't like being coached by guy who's he's better than at the same time. I imagine that the things that Chris Paul is telling James Horne to do or probably really good ideas that he should listen to. But that don't matter. That's not that's not the issue. That's not the concern as now, we're finding now, did these dudes are tired of each other largely because Chris Paul is being Chris Paul. And by the way, Chris Paul is right about this. The rock is needed offense that have some more bum movement, this, we're just gonna let James harden, isolate. And then Chris Paul stands off to the side. That's not what you do with a guy that makes forty million dollars a year, especially not, what you do at a guy who makes forty million dollars a year because of what he's capable of doing with the ball in his hand. And So Chris Paul, then is like, hey, if I'm going to be running the offense, then I want hord and out of the game..

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