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Zabriskie point was shot in 1968 and early nineteen sixty nine before the murders before Barker ranch before anyone involved with the movie likely knew anything about the Manson family. And yet the film has been the subject of and conspiracy theories and not least because it depicts so many of the things and Manson and his family were involved with and concerned about. The film begins in a classroom were white students and members of the Black Panthers are debating social revolution. Though he was afraid of the Panthers. Manson had basically told his white heavy followers that they were going to collaborate with black revolutionaries to tear down the establishment and start over the main protagonist of the film. Mark played by Mark for Shatt buys a gun to kill a cop. But although someone else ends up killing that cop, mark becomes a suspect. So we then goes on the run to death Valley. He ends up meeting a girl played by diarrhoea Halperin who works for a development. Many trying to build a utopian city of skyscrapers added in the desert. The mirror image of Charlie Manson is made up underground city which he promises followers. They could enter if you're the bottomless pit. Darya and Mark end up having sex in the desert and Antonioni turns the sequence into a kind of, Sir, realistic orgy in which Darya and Mark see, or imagine they see hundreds of couples also doing it in the desert, or maybe they see themselves multiplied a thousand times. Either way. It's a Utopian vision of the free love that Manson's family felt they were practicing. Zabriskie point famously ends with Giarra either witnessing imagining or instigating possibly telepathically a series of gorgeous explosions beginning with the combustion of her boss's modernise layer And as Pink Floyd swells on the soundtrack The slow-motion explosions of all of the stuff inside and tables refrigerators disembodied racks of clothes. Iraq chicken and a box of special Case cereal flowed out of the clouds of debris. It's the post-war consumerist American dream literally may to literally how was spectacularly going up in flames.

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