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Yeah you know you can't you can't survive on that and so that sort of reinforces it's kind of like i was saying with local news here it kind of reinforces because i need the collects i need the eyeballs i need the comments i need the shares and i will get them with lg and i will get them suit mificantly more if i just cover samsung that could be also but apple also makes knows how to make something work out because they have the event the of the shows an lg knowing its place doesn't so check right that's awesome that's a big part of the problem is like i think any company can play the media game it's really only apple and samsung and now gugel i would say ghoul is actual lead joining the conversation with some some sadeq advertisements the guy you guys we see i mean like again you've got to go to where the people are and if you don't have boots on the ground in signs in tv ads and radio ads than you don't exist but let's move on to the next email here and thank you jesse for sending that in um this is from timothy timothy bayer and this is a little bit longer i'm gonna try and blitz do this on my cut part of this email i'm doing this in real time it's live ha i wanna thank you for what you do i find the information very informative like most of us i depend heavily on a smartphone i'm physically disabled am a physically disabled consumer who was not interested as much in cutting edge features and specifications as i am in ruggedness endure ability as a result i am considering buying the kyocera sarid durforce pro unrising it came out near the end of last year and i wanted to get the opinion of the team in regards this device i he goes on to say he's looked at youtube reviews a lot of people have seemed fairly positive on his phone are we did not unfortunately get to cover it on pocket now but um.

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