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Harris Allen not much for garden fans to cheer about last night. As far as their Knicks were concerned, they did show some love to an opposing player who may be calling into career soon. Rescue the first player in NBA. History. Twenty years with the Lakers. The CLYDE Frazier on MSG Dirk Nowitzki score fourteen points to just eleven and a half minutes has Mavericks came away with the victory. We get the details from the fans, Mike Manchu. So losing streak has reached eleven is the Knicks fellow Dallas one fourteen to ninety twelve straight defeats at home and losses and fourteen of twenty six to sit at the bottom of the NBA at ten and forty afterwards rookie Alonzo candidly spoke of a lack of effort for some guys played hard. Tonight. We kind of crack. Broke down in the game. And then really pay our though time and they showed in the score. The crowd was able to cheer for NS Kanter who played nine minutes and for Dirk Nowitzki. The thirteen time all-star might have played for the last time at MSG at the garden. Mike Mangku sell sports radio sixty six and one zero one nine FM WFAN twenty four losses. The last twenty six for the Knicks. The nets were off they'll visit the Spurs Thursday night that game here on the fan starting at eight fifteen a couple of other notable scores. The Celtics hammered the Hornets one twenty six Ninety-four four Boston's won seven of their last eight the wizards picked off the Pacers one zero seven to eighty nine and Nikolai Yokich twenty points, thirteen rebounds, a tennis sister, the nuggets they won at New Orleans one zero five to ninety nine well part of a Super Bowl week is always the Commissioner discussing the state of the NFL Roger Goodell fielded questions about officiating stemming, of course, from that non call that helps send the Rams to the Super Bowl all procedures will be reviewed and improvements considered. Goodell does objecting to the lack of a call hasn't historically been something teams have been in favor of they have not voted for that.

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