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That I come into your home today. Where I know those listening to me now are interested in helping people. April Velasco is three years old when her father, Edward, Wayne Edwards, recorded this motivational record selling himself to the world as a reformed criminal. My life has certainly been anything but good. Exciting. Yes, Dangerous. Yes, honest. No. She was 12. When he came home late one night he was muddy, dirty and he had a bloody nose. The cut on his nose. I decided that I would put every effort into my rehabilitation program that I had put previously into my career of crime. She got older April begin to wonder. Why would her father disappear for days at a time? Why were they always packing up and moving in the middle of the night? Everywhere I went, there was people that we knew or associated with that were being murdered. The double homicide in one rural community has puzzled investigators for nearly 30 years, And as I was reading the case it I'll ring true. I mean, I remember everything. April is 40 when she called the police on turn, Never wait for weather Get the storm Teammate Forecast of the top at 30 past each hour on news radio W F L A We will keep extra clouds around through the day today and about a 10% chance of a few light showers a week Cold front will pass through it. It's still mild today with a high of 68, although it does get a little cooler tonight with lows in the low fifties, which is close to average for this time of the year. Another disturbance brings our rain chance tomorrow to 20% still with clouds around and a little cooler. It 64 in the voting forecast today, winds coming out of the North 15 knots and sees it 2 to 3 ft. Max. If integrate meteorologist least bad the UV index is too right now. Mostly cloudy 62 degrees in ST Petersburg, 60 and Apollo Beach and 61 that your severe weather station news radio W F L A.

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