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Since Tuesday, August seventh, twenty eighteen. I saw some great name tags when I was just out on the road and Montreal and traverse city, Michigan. So show me what you've got Los Angeles. Not so great. Oh, wait. Oh, good. Left brain right brain thing. Going on here where everybody on this side of the house just sat this one out. This guy frauds just like I'll just have my arms cross that will get the job done. He's like, I don't know what the hell's happening. I came here to see some improv. Well, most of this is made up on the spot. That guy over there. I made a name tag though called how low we e in because your name's Ian. Okay. I like for movies. It's not even out yet. We've got over there. We've got Mary Scott ins returns. Gentleman named Scott. I'm guessing. What's this fear and loathing one, what does that say on it? So fear and loathing in Las Vegas, but now in Los Angeles. All right. Well, we got, we definitely we definitely have enough for people that use from and good luck to everybody. Doug plugs Atlanta. This Sunday, four twenty does movies returns to the variety, playhouse, Wednesday, August fifteenth..

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