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Val kilmer likes me look krim who larry access just a one odds the person will be like oh i got to star from that that's uh that's how i learned that sharon lawrence the star of nypd blue is a big jesse thorn fail non bragging just the truth that's fantastic she probably wouldn't even like you if you weren't verify there's no thinks she probably only likes verified no doubt about it i'll tell you one thing that really changed in my life when i became clear a fight yes is i became an insufferable prick of oh gently bragging about is yours overnight winner is sharon lorant yours you were show biz bizet's corn po night sky for a while i what i was and then and then i got verified and i became i became awful and i would lorded over everyone throw rattling orlina i was rammed lording it over every one but it's worth it suitable job alone so you i underlined but i can understand having reservations because you feel like you're putting on airs maybe or you feel where i get her just doing it because everyone says you should and you feel like your i feel like for me i didn't want to put a lot of effort into something that felt like it was proving that i was famous when shirt angus my feeling is that like i you know i'm i'm i'm doing fine but you know maybe if you so i've only been i've led a very blessed online existence in that i don't get fucked with a lot right like i don't have a lot of trolls once in awhile you know somebody will pop up or try and do a weird thing but you made two minutes basically done i've only been fucked with in mass once it was when i made that bernie sanders joke and i learned.

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