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I told you that That's my football instincts say that this team is two scores better than you know is on my side. Now he's back up the truth. Definition of revisionist. I just think there's always pressure when you're the head coach of the Texas Longhorns. Yes, son of pressure and let me tell you something, guys. This isn't just the home, Marie in me. This is what we've seen from Sark and his staff. He has met and exceeded those expectations from what he has done with the donors around the state going and talking with them what he has said to us through press conferences. What he has changed in his practice is what I have heard that the culture in house has already been turned into its not like trying to build yourself up with a coach strong or a coach, Herman because dude as a true Longhorn homer, you're like, Okay, this guy is going to be the one I am telling you, which I have always said. About this guy is that my Boca drunk, Asness is built on the facts that I can actually lay out and look at and say, I know we haven't played a game yet. Let's talk in a couple weeks after Arkansas. But this amount of enthusiasm is not just pumping up as a normal off season. In the last decade as a Longhorn fan has been, I will. I will a grief since Mac left. I don't think there's there's been any Any excitement near during except the good Mack brown years. We never had that with Charlie. We didn't never had that with Tom. We never had that had a little bit of because everybody likes Sam calendar. But not this where he's coming off. The last time we saw Steve Sarkeesian in a football game, he was helping lead a team to a national title. You know, he was calling the place. So and again, I've said this publicly. I see it everywhere If he brings 30 to 40% what he learned with Nick Saban. This is going to be a better program, And he apparently has done that with the staff. He's barely apparently done that knock on wood with the locker room so We shall see what we still see. And I'm not known the No. I just think it's going to be a close game tomorrow. So Don't don't don't hate you any less than I did. I said Texas will only win by four. Yeah, Yeah, Jerk. 51283605 90. What do you think? Sports talk a second. Hold on. Hold on. Friends. We urge you to listen to the real estate zone radio show with my buddy John McClelland of supreme leading 6 to 7. Right here on K. L. B. J. John and crew are are gonna up focus upcoming shows on quite naturally real estate in our town boy. It's a hot hot market, but John and his crew will have a road map of how you can find that condo. That house. It's just right for you. Also, they talk a lot about refi. And if your need of a refinance talk to especially trainload officer right now at supreme lending call 512368 91 100. That's 512368 91 100. Don't miss any of John's shows. They're good. It's a real estate zone radio show with John McClelland supreme Landing..

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