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One zero seven ten and we have mike go ahead you're on with josh jelenski the financial quarterback josh hope you can hear me well yes so you know i've been in private industry wall street my whole life right sears sears was like you said before the amazon thirty they don't want to our house sears own morgan stanley at one point they owned coldwell banker the real company at one point they even had a company before aol became a oh well i think it was prodigy i think so it just goes to show how mismanaged that company was and how hundreds of corporations mismanaged by boards of directors senior managers that really don't know what they're doing really focused on maybe the stock price pleasing investors and rather that growing the company and making shortage it prospers and you know and and in succeeds through the next hundred years it really really was like you said it was it was i remember as a kid hundreds of dozens and dozens of people lining up at the at the cadillac place orders they whole houses turn of the century really discussing what company i mean even in the eighties nineties i mean you know so the eighties i remember the sears catalog was a hallmark you waited for that that and best remember the best catalog the the demise of sears sears was the amazon of yesteryear which goes to show you that one of the powerful things about capitalism that is good as as a concept called creative destruction that if we truly have creative destruction bad companies will go out of business and good companies will thrive a good point i i also think that some of these brands you wonder when these mega billionaires like buffet or druckenmiller or in this case eddie lampert by company like this are they buying merely for the for the losses you know i don't know it's just the thought so great call mike steve blumenthal of on my radar says the three point seven line in the sand has been breached folks the three point porno seven line for those of you do not now is the ten year treasury note yield he says that could be a line in the sand rates could be heading as high to three point seven five or four and i'm not necessarily but it looks like that's what's heading could the.

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